Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yet another 5

Here's 5 more pictures from Peter of his Mark 5. Some of these photos I have noticed in the Bolwell Corp. archives. Peter probably proudly sent them over when he had completed the build.


Anonymous said...

Great to see these ‘60’s photos, the Mk5 must have looked stunning next to the sedans of the day.
The Cortina taillights remind me of the Lola Mk6 (forerunner to the GT40) and the side pipes are similar to those of the Cobra Daytona (& others), and Peter must have pre-empted Bolwells use of the MGB front lights by 4-5 years. The car seems to have been very well thought out and constructed, it would still look great, although I would be tempted to add a nice set of Tasman or Cosmic mags.
Tony Shaw’s manuscript says that Campbell built about a dozen or so of the original wedge shaped (Edsel) Mk5s, and the factory offered to replace the original with the newer design, have you ever seen a Mk5 with the original front? Any photos? (anyone!).
I hope more Bolwell current and past fanciers send their old photos to you to post, I for one really enjoy this stuff.

John L said...

No I've never seen a wedge shaped Mark 5. In fact I was surprised when I read Tony's Mark 5 pages to discover they had actually made a dozen of them. All I had ever seen were the drawings in the SCW ads and the factory photos in the archives. I just assumed they'd decided to have a re-think before they had gone too far.