Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kapunda swap meet

The Kapunda swap meet was on today. Lots of stuff for sale out on the trotting track and inside, but all we went home with was a box of quinces, half of which are in preserving jars and on the stove as we speak. Here's Beven making his fortune. He got a box of quinces too.Across from him can be seen the Truro Dirt Circuit mob, making donuts as usual, raising money to finish the track which, I heard recently, may well be ready for next summer. Next to them, and just out of view, is Duncan Hudson's stand. He does books too and has been a regular at Kapunda for donkeys years. I wonder if he was cold last night. I saw him rolling his mattress out. He was going to sleep the night with his books. In my Graham Paige post, I mentioned the old VSCC blokes. He was one of them. He's a Hupp man and compiler of the Hupmobile register.
Below is a shot of the outdoor area. It rained overnight yet held off all morning which was pretty lucky. Ned from the Copper Pot sold a bit of Holden stuff but then I noticed a 5-speed box going into the trailer. Dale and Dianne Palamountain seemed happy with what they'd sold and the usual Kapunda desperates and Valley Rodders were doing a bit of trade as well.
What about this El Camino ute? I've never seen so much metal for such a little tray. And how about the tiny fibreglass canopy. This guy is one of Trevor's mates. He planned to roll his swag out alongside the ute too. I bet he ended up crawling into the back. His plan was to keep warm with a flagon of port. He was down at the Clare Castle filling it up when I took this pic. He didn't stay for the inaugural darts tournament against some mob in England (all done by webcam). I noticed this morning he'd only managed to get halfway through the flagon.

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