Wednesday, August 31, 2011

James Corbett

For those who may not have seen Simon's mail out, this is James Corbett.
James races this 1939 Ford sprintcar in historic events. That's not what James is famous for though. He's a sculptor that builds his creations from old car parts.
His work is not necessarily of an automotive theme, here he is with a kangaroo or two.
James is from Ningi, Queensland. There is an exhibition of his work currently on show in Sydney.  Take a look at

eBay in Ontario, Canada

Hi, I saw this item on eBay and thought you might be interested.

1971 Bolwell Nagari hood trunk body trim emblem badge
1971 Bolwell Nagari hood trunk body trim emblem badge
Current price:
US $19.99
End time:06-Sep-11 06:30:52 AEST
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kent 1500 pre cross flow sump pan required.

hi peoples;
having trouble finding a kent 1500 pre cross flow sump pan that was on the mk2 cortina's. it is the full rear seal type not the rope one. anyone out there able to find/help-
stacey - pres of desperation

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Nasty Nagari!

Just browsing the October 1979 Racing Car News, as you do, and came across this ad in the classifieds.
Maybe it didn't sell straight away. I seem to recall Ross running the car long after that date.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday boy gets pole.

Mark turned 34 yesterday and gets pole today. Here he is in the Spa pits with his parents, Allan and Diane.
Good luck for tomorrow Mark.

West car history.

Ian and Margaret and everybody else in the "West" have very little knowledge of the history of their new car. Even Marcus is a bit vague about his mum's car's early life. They would love to know about previous owners and who did the s/s chassis and hatch etc. and there must be any number of slightly older Victorians who know the Mark 7 well.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kapunda - week 32

Being watched?

Professional drag racing returns to SA at last.

At last Rino D'Alfonso has struck an arrangement with Rodney Jane and AIR is being upgraded. The first real big one is scheduled for November.

"wests car now west and not wests anymore."

From Stacey.

Just to let you all know Alan made it safely home to Donneybrook. Very nice 7 and Ian has already decided the things he wants to do to bring it to pristine (the car is already a very nice ).
Barry Chris and I with the Nagari and Hunter and Ross and Kay in the pimp wagon drove to Merridan to meet Ian. Lets face it, was a brilliant day for a drive! only 2 minor things went wrong- thermostat went and a brake wire came astray from the switch. Ian came home to the Preston river at its 100 year flood level also.
Attatched a few pic on the way.
stacey- pres of travel.
ps- I am not the only mad one- Ian slept in the 7 for 2 nights.....but it is bigger than the 4.

Motorclassica is coming.

It's on again this year at Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building from 21st to 23rd October.
The major reason I'd like to be there (and I'm sure there are many others) is to see the Mrs. Jones Alfa again.
The completed restoration looks magnificent. I'm still coming to grips with the long guards and running boards though. The present owner/restorer is a former Mark 7 driver.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 300ZX and originality.

I'm enjoying driving the new car. It's low mileage and has been treated gently over the last 26 years. It still has the Flight Motors sticker in the back window.
The car isn't much different to when it was first driven out of their showroom. It has been in the Riverland all its life. I feel a bit (just a bit) awful taking it out of its familiar habitat but at least it is just down the road, sort of.

These wheels don't look too bad either.

Australian Moto Trials Championships at Eden Valley this year.

Dear Fellow Motor sport Enthusiast
Keyneton Motorcycle Club is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the " Vine Inn Barossa 2011 Australian Moto Trials Championships" at Eden Valley on Sunday the 2nd & Monday (Public Holiday) the 3rd of October 2011.
Plus the Taste Eden Valley South Australian Women’s Cup
& the Eden Valley Hotel Diener /Holmes Sidecar Trophy
On Wednesday Sept 28th 2011
To the uninitiated, Moto Trials is where riders compete over a series of sections comprising rocks, logs, creeks and other such natural terrain. Each rider loses points for footing, stopping or failing to complete a section. The places that these motorcyclists can go and the things they can do simply need to be seen to be believed. For those of you who have been to a Moto Trial before, you will know the feats that these motorcyclists can do on their machines.
The Keyneton Motorcycle Club, Nuriootpa Vine Inn Hotel, TasteEdenValley and the Eden Valley Hotel would like to invite you to come to the BarossaValley and witness this amazing aspect of motorcycle sport.
We are looking for observers to assist us in running these events. Observing is not difficult, and can provide for an extraordinary experience. We require approx 70 observers on each day from approximately 8.00am though to 5pm.
You will be provided with training on the day as well as an observer’s school on a date to be advised in September plus lunch on the day
If any of your club members are interested in assisting us, please contact us via the following
Post: Observers Moto Trials
C/- Keyneton Motorcycle Club
PO Box 214
, Nuriootpa SA 5355 
Phone: Paul Wright 0414 573 993 or 8520 3311 Email
Colin Redway 0403 582 180 or 8564 0247 Email
We will be in contact with everyone who indicated they will be able to help sometime in September to further discuss their availability and advice details of the observer’s school.
If you have any queries on the above, please feel free to contact one of the above observer coordinators:
Visit You Tube for promo video
Yours in Motorcycling
Paul Wright
Colin Redway
Observer Coordinators

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mark 4s at Eastern Creek.

Last Sunday.
Peter took the photo. He's pretty pleased with it. I am too.


This is a beauty - the Morris Marina ute.
RHD and imported into US from New Zealand. Looks about the size of a Jumbuck.

Winton FoS and Classic Car Photography.

Tony didn't miss the Triden at Winton.
Here's his description.
The Triden is an Aussie Special built in 1956 by Graham Driscoll using a chassis and running gear from a 1949 Triumph 2000 roadster with motor, gearbox and diff by Holden. Fibreglass body was fitted in 1959 by Ron Tonkin and has been raced at Mallala and Collingrove. Restored in 2000 and recently registered (conditional/club). Photo from Winton Festival of Speed, August 2011.

'42 Chev light truck.

Driving home from Renmark (IN THE RED 300ZX), a short stop at Waikerie revealed this ex-WWII Chev.
40-odd years ago, Malcolm, the master of our hunt club had one just like this to tow his horse float, a job that it did very well.The wooden tray was different in that the sides were stepped which gave a plank down each side for soldiers to sit on as they travelled out to shoot up the bad guys. Now they have drones for that, controlled by some playstation enthusiast sitting in his loungeroom. Anyway, as you know, these Chevs were left all over the country when the war finished and they were utilised for all sorts of things for many years but you don't see too many now.

An F1 prediction.

Watch out for Alice.
Alice Powell, really doing well in British Formula Renault and a definite prospect to pursue a Formula 1 title in the not too distant future.

West car heads West.

The late Anne West's Mark 7 has finally found a new home and is on its way across the country as we speak.
Ian and Maggie are the new owners and Ian is revelling in the attention the car is receiving during its long journey. All of this is causing a fair bit of excitement among the Bolwell stalwarts in WA as they await its arrival. Anne's son, Marcus, might be pleased that his mum's car is heading over there too as he is a Perth resident as well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The things you find when browsing Jalopy Journal.

I'm new here, having recently found this brilliant resource. I'm interested to learn about the ultimate "hot" Oldsmobile Rocket 324 engine set up, for a local period '50-60's historic racing car I've recently unearthed.....
The car, originally owned and developed by two brothers, is a very early '53 BN1 Healey 100 raced around 1956-1963 with a number of engine set ups. First, it ran the standard Healey engine, then the Healey engine with a 3-71 supercharger that protruded up and out of the bonnet, and finally it ran an Olds 324 bored out to "about 365" with a six Stromberg 97 carb set up. The alloy nose was custom rebuilt in the late ‘50’s after a paddock “ding” to the original nose. 

In period the car held a number of local sprint and track records, and with its Rocket engine was written up in the Australian press as "....probably the fastest accelerating car in South Australia" and "the most powerful sports car yet seen in Australia...." (it's original owner told me it would lift it's front wheels a few feet in the air when under full acceleration).

In the unyielding quest for speed and victory the brothers built a rail dragster and the Olds Rocket engine was transplanted out of the Healey. It then gained a 6-71 supercharger and 8 Stromberg 97’s, and the custom gearbox & rear end was also lifted out of the Healey and bolted into the dragster. Picture a VW front end, two chassis rails, the Rocket engine, ‘box and rear end, a chair and steering wheel.

In full-anger whilst competing the engine in the dragster was lunched, as only a high speed miss-change from a mid gear to a low one will do.

End of the Rocket engine, and the rail’s and Healey’s racing career. Fortunately for the Healey after the dragster’s demise the Healey was re-united with it’s rear end and gearbox and was parked and left. It’s been off the road since 1963, and was purchased recently from one of the original owners, complete with pretty much everything bar the 324 donk, but also including the dragster’s 6-71 & eight Stromberg ‘97’s all set up as it last ran.

Now, the search for a 324 and a manifold for the six by 97’s begins.....


Adelaide, Australia

Easter 2012.

PH: 0409 693 228.
Dear Members
Here we go again folks. Believe it or not, it’s that time again when we are looking at looking at planning our National Meeting for next year.
This time we will be visiting the outback township of Broken Hill. We will be lin Mad Max territory.
This notice is to let you know that we have things on the go for this event, but also to warn that as it is both a popular tourist spot and is nearly always booked out months in advance, we need to know who will be coming for sure and those members who wish to come but are unsure at this time. We say this because there are only a certain number of rooms available and it will definitely be first in, best dressed. If the motel we have chosen is booked out early, we have arranged another near by for those who are late with their nominations. So the ball is in your court folks.
Although we don’t know exactly how much the total per person will be, but we are budgeting for around the $400 per member mark with children under 12 at a reasonable price. Once we know the exact budget, we will inform you as soon as possible. It will be emailed or posted to every member, about early December, who returns this notice. So don’t leave it to the last minute to arrange, otherwise it could be too late.
So what more inspiration do you need to fill out the attached nomination form, post it or email it to us to the addresses at the top of this notice, to indicate your willingness to participate in what we hope will be one of the most popular attended event yet. Again we wish to remind you as this is a very popular tourist town we require your reply as soon as possible even if you are unsure if you will be attending.
We have to ask for a deposit this early so that we can start to make this event one to remember for all the right reasons and this is $50.00 per adult member. This year we have set up a new Easter account so that you can pay electronically as well as by cheque for those who wont come into the 21st century.
The BSB is: 015211 Account #: 203653239
Make sure you enter your name and reason for the payment so that we can keep track of it. Any cheque is to made out to : The Bolwell Car Club of Australia (SA Branch ) inc. – Easter Account.
Hope to see as many of you there as possible
John Harrland Scott Baxendale Lynn Mac Dean Malone Ron Westren
2012 Easter sub committee
6th August 2011
To the Easter 2012 Bolwell Car Club of Australia National Meeting sub-committee:-
I/We............................................................................................................. of
................................................................................................... Post Code........... (address)
You can contact me/us on: telephone: .....................................(H)...............................................(mob) email:.................................................................................... If attending, I/we require the following:
Single bed only (willing to share) Double bed Only Double bed with ........ single beds
Double bed with adjoining room with ..................single beds Other...................................... ..................................................................................................................................................
Will be there Hope to be there
Electronic transfer reference: Amount paid: Date paid
You've seen all this before in all of the Slipstreams and mailouts, but I just wanted to point out to Queenslanders mainly, who might not get these publications, that this venue is the most central we have had for some time so it would be good if they, in particular, gave some thought to coming along to this one.

More drag history
This is a link to a site with page after page of great drag pics including a fair few from Oz. Thanks Col.
Here's a couple that might be of interest. Firstly, the Dennis Walford T, but look what he's up against.
Remember "She's Ace"?
She's Ace used to run at Brooksfield but this is later at AIR. This car was another from Taperoo Service Station. Note "paint by Elliott Crash" as Elliott was one half of the famed Prentice & Elliott team that ran "The Exterminator" FJ tuned by John Lewis at Maxwill Motors.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

That Biscayne

Just going through some old photos and stopped at this one.
Gee that was a beaut car. Pretty tough too. That's Goldie the Labrador on top of the load. Yes, that's the one Mel Gibson drove.

McArlus Cars - 29.

Well I’ve done it again.
That is enjoyed the extremely satisfying feeling of successfully designing, building and then driving a car that has almost entirely been built in my garage, with the assistance of some specialized outside help.
This time the car is far better presented and prepared so it will be interesting to see how it fares in the years to come.
Well despite the hideous weather forecast, Ron and I still set off for Calder, last Wednesday 17th September.
I was keen to give the car a run before running it at Winton in a few weeks time, as a 3 hour trip there, followed by a minor issue, that can’t be rectified and then a 3 hour trip home is even more unpleasant.
Arriving at Calder we checked with the man at the gate and with light drizzle falling decided to drive up to the next roadhouse for a coffee, and a reassessment of the situation.
After a coffee things hadn’t improved so we basically decided to give it away and go home, I had no desire to damage my new car on the notoriously slippery when wet Calder main straight (drag strip), so we headed for home.
About 5km later the weather cleared so we did a U turn and returned to Calder.
The weather was at best looking very average but we unloaded under cover and then set out onto the track.
Despite the conditions I wasn’t too nervous, and it was extremely satisfying to have completed a second car and driven it for the first time. Designer, owner driver, it makes me feel like Jack Brabham and Bruce Mclaren all over again. I just need the championships to follow!
The car performed extremely well and I was very glad to once again get behind the wheel, it’s been nearly 2 years since the last time.
I did about 10-15 laps, and gained confidence, in both myself and the car, on each one.
The extra room in the cockpit is great and the new windscreen helps with wind, and also hides me a bit better in the car. Even in the damp and windy conditions, there was nothing that stood out as a real problem, and I think that the 10-12 hours I have spent doing a very careful wheel alignment has proved worthwhile.
On returning to the pits we had a check over the car to make sure there were no issues.
The LH front grease cap had disappeared (?), and a small amount of coolant had escaped from around the radiator cap due to the filler cap having been slightly bent (since fixed) but everything else seemed ok.
With the weather turning more to light rain, rather than just misty rain, I headed out for a few more laps, after all it had cost me $220 for the privilege!
Exiting my pit the chain came off.
This is the first time I have ever had chain trouble, so it was a surprise, especially since the chain was brand new. Close inspection showed that the joining link had come apart and the chain then came off.
We were going to replace the link with my spare, but by this time the weather really started to deteriorate so we packed up and headed home.
Overall for a first test session things went well.
The new trailer set up worked well, as long as I remembered to lower the number plate, and the car performed really well.
Despite the fact that we were forced to exit the track into the pit lane, and then rejoin, so as to miss most of the slippery dragstrip, the car was seeing a comfortable 175km/h on the straight, so more would be available in better conditions
The chain issue could have been caused by the fact that the chain can hit the exhaust on the overrun (a design fault by me), so I intend to fix that ASAP. I have also investigated better chain link that is riveted, rather than the push bike type I currently use, although in fairness they have never let me down I  the past.
All I all a satisfying, if expensive few laps, though I know I have, and am sure that others reading this have spent a lot more per lap!
Attached a few photos that Ron took on the day. Unfortunately the action shots are a bit far away, so I have only included the one best one.
A couple of lessons were learned, which are relatively easy to fix, so I will and the car will run at Winton in September.
Can’t wait

Friday, August 19, 2011


An eBay member wants to show you this item

Hi, I saw this item on eBay and thought you might be interested.

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AU $75.00
End time:28-Aug-11 16:03:49 AEST
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tail lights

These tail lights might look good on the Bolly.
I've got one in the shed somewhere. Trouble is none of the wrecking yards around here have a mate for it.
The broomstick looks familiar. Never had a red one though.