Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally.

A couple of photos from Trevor Unsworth.
It's not often you see a Starion these days.
Trevor B hasn't had so much exercise in a long time. Hope he's OK.

Other ACs.

AC most certainly were the makers of some very fine sports cars. These ACs seem a bit out of character. This is the AC 3-wheel single seater invalid carriage.
They didn't just do a few of them. There was quite a swag of them, commissioned by the British Government. Can't remember the department. Probably the Department of Invalid Carriages.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mark 7 Fords

Peter and I had been discussing Dennis Burdon's supercharged Falcon 6 Mk.7 (which is not the mystery car) when he came up with this (the photos are from the Victorian club's album).

You're in luck John, Ron mentioned this one today, great to have access to these early photos, I particularly like the unusual front guards and lack of flare on the rear, also note the VW beetle indicators on the top of the guards, unique?
Ken Strattons Mk7 was Zephyr powered, which side was the inlet on those motors?

and in answer to the question about the Zephyr, no, the carbies were on the left. Here's a pic of the undressed Keith Rilstone, ex Eldred Norman Zephyr special.
and a Zephyr special in New Zealand.
and regarding Ken's Mark 7, Bobby Gay had that same Zephyr engine in his Mark 7 too. Both those 7s are Holden powered now.

Mystery Mark 7

Have you seen Peter's comment on the post titled "Army Types". The first picture wasn't Macca at all and on closer examination it appears the car is drag racing. So now the question is : what and whose car is this? Pete has come up with a magazine photo of the car in question.
He says -

"I have what I think is another photo of that mystery Mk7, I think it was from Drags at Fishermans bend(?). Ron Mac couldn't remember anyone being so uncouth as to paint a narrow black stripe down the centre of a Mk7, he can't recall the car either, it's possibly not Holden powered, given the right hand scoop ... any ideas?"
It could be a Falcon 6, they had the inlet side on the right.  

I knew of at least one Falcon 6 powered Mark 7 in Victoria. It may be my fuzzy memory but I also seem to recall that it was supercharged as well.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Volksy prime mover

What about this caravan? I love it.
The coupling is on the roof and it can turn 360 degrees.

Monaco 2011

Oh Look! There goes Felipe Massa!
Who gives a shit. Can't you see I'm busy reading this magazine?
Ercole Colombo's photo.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Army types

With Stacey talking about his army days prompted me to think about former South Australian member, Andrew Nairn who was in the army and at Townsville about the same time. Stacey may know him. His Mark 7 must be the most travelled one outside Johnny Szabo's. It lived in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria that I know of. That's army life! Here's a couple of photos of it when the original builder, Ron McPherson, had it. 

And then when Murray Willmott had it.
It's now back in Queensland in the hands of the Boase family in Mourilyan which is 8 km. South of Innisfail.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stacey's Aceca

Stacey had an Aceca many years ago. Here's some old photos of it.
You can tell the photos were taken in SA.
Here's what Stacey had to say :-
"My '57 Aceca I had in the army , bought it in Melbourne in '80, then I restored it in Townsville, then drove it on the inland route to my then girlfriend's place in Adelaide (Campbelltown), sold it there as I was sent overseas. Got $6K. Good money then, but it sold later for $90K at a Melbourne auction (many years later)."


One of the loveliest sports cars in my opinion is the 6 cylinder AC Ace.
This was the car that Shelby chose to squeeze a V8 into and call the Cobra. To me the Ace is just as desirable, maybe even more.
The coupe version, the Aceca, is a pretty smart looking unit too.

Rotary TVR

What a great combination - the lightweight 1970 TVR Vixen and the 13B.
Maybe if it were set back a bit more it'd be even better or would that present problems for gear lever position?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1968 Toyota 2000 GT on eBay in Portugal.

An eBay member wants to show you this item
Hi, I saw this item on eBay and thought you might be interested.

Toyota 2000 GT -1968
Toyota 2000 GT -1968
Current price:
GBP 65,100.00
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VMR Engineering - upcoming auction.

Poor old Gavin's not too well and the time has come to close the doors. The auction at Stepney is on June 22nd - see notice below.

Very Rare Vintage Car Parts and Machinery Auction! Unrepeated Opportunity to Own Some True Automotive History..... Auction June 22nd 2011, Stepney, South Australia
Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Austin Healey, MG parts – and more – will go up for auction on June 22nd, 2011, at Vintage Motor Engineering, Stepney, South Australia.
This is your one opportunity to own rare new and second hand original vintage car parts, original technical manuals, specialist quality hand tools and machinery plant and equipment collected over some 60 years.
Sadly, due to ill health, specialist vintage and veteran car restoration business, Vintage Motor Engineering (VME), will be closing its doors – presenting a unique opportunity for you to acquire some rare gems from automotive history.
VME Owner, Mr Gavin Sandford-Morgan (OAM), internationally renowned authority on English and European automotive classics, is finally hanging up the spanner after 20 years of restorative services to car enthusiasts around Australia and the world. Gavin has been an avid collector, restorer and racer of vintage and veteran cars for over 60 years. Many in the ‘car world’ will know of his reputation as a perfectionist in car restoration and a pedant in ensuring the authentic application of original craftsmanship in rebuilding some of the world’s most beautiful cars of bygone eras.
Whether you are a veteran enthusiast or an amateur collector, don’t miss this opportunity to bid for unique car parts and memorabilia.
Auction Date: From 10.30am Wednesday June 22, 2011
Viewing: Viewing prior 11am to 4pm, June 21 and from 9am June 22
Auctioneer: Mason Gray Strange Auctioneers
Web address: www.mgs.net.au
Contact: Andrew Maros. Mob: 0418 845 884; Email: andrewm@mgs.net.au
Please note: The full catalogue of items up for auction is currently under development. However, key items can be viewed at the Auctioneer web-site. See direct link below:
Notification issued Sunday May 22, 2011

The catalogue is not out yet but I would urge you to go to the MSG website and get the slideshow happening. Certainly worth a look.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 26(A) - a few old Holdens.

This local 1965 HD was outside the pub last week. The HD was the most shortlived Holden model. It was a bit of a culture shock after the EH and wasn't taken up with enthusiasm and at the end of the year they moved on to the HR like this roughy for sale at the swap meet.
Actually, I had a 179 HD when they were relatively new and I liked it. It was that teal colour that Port Power use, with a white roof. It wasn't as quick as my brother-in-law's X2 version but I could keep up with him nevertheless. I think the X2 had twin carbies and extractors. We both moved on to Warwick yellow GTSs when they came out.
This is an EJ sitting in the rain on the Perry Road corner trying to take advantage of the passing traffic from the trotting track in the hope of a possible sale. The EJ was the last model to use the good old grey engine before the red motors came out in the EH.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Woodie

This time a 1948 Healey.
But take a look at the "before" photo.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kapunda - week 26

Lots of nice cars at the swap meet at the trotting track today but here's a couple that caught my eye.
A pretty neat Dodge Phoenix from the sixties. This one sort of parallels the AP5, AP6. The Australian Phoenix were pretty tough cars in their day. The Seppos would see the American Plymouth Fury in its profile.
A tidy Kombi. Obviously a Sturt barracker.

We knew he was going to win today!

Jason's like a kid with a new water pistol.

Mallala Easter 1968

Originally posted by Alexis68 on the personal photographs of Australian motorsports '50s to '70s forum is this action shot. I was there. So were lots of people. Yes it's the Jim McEown Lotus Cortina and Terry Allen in the Camaro but does anyone notice anything unusual about the picture?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Another LHD Bolwell?

Not likely. More like an inside out photograph. This is Roger's article in issue 12 of Custom Kitcar, one of many great articles. If you don't have a subscription go to www.customkitcarmagazine.com

Perentti kit for sale.

Gosh, they're cropping up everywhere. This one's still a project and is advertised in the latest Custom Kitcar magazine.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

and a couple more.

another page.

Car Styling Quarterly April 1981.

If I remember correctly Graham has a copy of this. Well, I have too now, thanks to Duane. It's a hard cover quarterly publication out of Japan and this particular edition, apart from the Vespa and Yamaha scooters and American city buses, has a number of pages on the Ikara which I'm trying to scan on my dinky little A4 scanner, sort of not easy when it's an odd shape and hard cover. Anyway, here goes......
There's more yet but the last few don't seem to be working.