Thursday, December 29, 2011

Might start on the wiring.

All I have to do is duplicate this lot.
Second thoughts, there's a few other jobs I should do first.

McArlus Cars - 32

Merry Xmas All!
Attached are the articles I did for the club magazine, which many may already have read, but also a fantastic sequence of shots taken by Tony Shaw, that only a few have seen.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New batch.

Just arrived. Another lot of shield badges.
....and for the Crow Eaters, the name badges are in too.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baptiste's Kaditcha

Bap Romano's mighty Kaditcha is rebuilt after that horrific crash looking very much like it's ready to race.
OK, now let's see how it goes against the Veskanda.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bloody doors!

Kenny Rowland, Healey V8, Nyah West Easter motorkhana.
Brian Johnson, Buchanan.
Here's Jon Elbourne's solution in the Triumph Gnat.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mini seats.

Remember these?
I had a pair of them back then. I had Mini seats in the Mark 5, albeit with the superfluous bits chopped off the bottom and the seats bolted directly to the sheet metal floor that Mark 5s have. The Taylorspeed covers really transformed them into buckets and the side support worked really well too.
From the same Wheelspin, July 1967 came this snippet from the gossip column.
If it's the one I'm thinking of, it wasn't just a guide post but the rather solid sides of the Belair railway crossing, made out of railway line. Not absolutely certain, but Peter Mounsey rings a bell. It wasn't Rob Butcher, he did his on a trackside Stobie pole at Mallala ( same one that claimed Scott Baxendale and Richard Gac I think). Anyway, both Mark 7s lived to fight another day. Whoever heard of a trackside Stobie pole anyway?
And from the classified page......
A smart looking TF for $375, they were the days. I bought my TC about then - for $500. Must have paid through the nose. And was that the Capricornia/Ricardian Clem was selling for POA?

....and a bit more.

Rex Colliver leads the Prodsports brigade down the back straight heading for Globe. The Lotus is followed by the Spridgets of John Latham and Tim Trevor, with Steve Webb's Bolwell fourth. Mike Jacobson Photo.
Just shows that it doesn't matter what car John was driving he was right up there in the thick of it.

A bit of ProdSports.

AAA August 29, 1975. Clearihan, Warren and Webb battle out the NSW Production Sports Car title in their V8 Bolwells. Jim Davidson's Elan won with Warren second clear of Clearihan. All four cars had similar fastest lap times but Davidson was able to clear out after outbraking Clearihan, leaving the 3 Bolwells to hold each other up in their private battle. Webb eventually retired with damaged steering after a bump from Clearihan.
Winton, Victoria about the same time. Chris Clearihan holds off Ron McPherson's 6-cylinder Bolwell with his V8 Nagari version. A little behind is Rex Colliver in Chris Roberts' Elan.
John Latham leads a mighty pack of Prodsports in the Bolwell. Occhipinti, Connor, Warren and Roberts are among those following.
RCN again.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News from Vic (Victor not Victoria).

On the car front, I have it back from the trimmers, and the windows go in this Thursday. I then have to finish off the bits and pieces. The main thing I am not happy about is the way the doors fit. When I went to mount the rubbers, they have held the tops of the doors out abit too much. I did not do anything to the doors other than minor  repairs. The body of the doors fit well, but the top frame sits out because of the rubbers. I could modify the rubbers, but I like the idea of them being waterproof!!! I noticed that virtually every nagari door that I looked at at eastern creek had the same or similar problem (if they used rubbers). Is there anything that can be done about it??? I am doing what I can to improve it, but considering how the rest of the car looks, I don't like it. I am very happy how the rest of the car looks.
I will send you some shots when the windows are in,
regards Vic

See attached pictures. I took it for the first reasonable drive last weekend, and it went well.  I fitted the brake kit also, and it is now good, although initially the caliper was hitting the top wishbone, so I had to make a spacer between the top balljoint and the wishbone (as advised by the supplier). Brakes work well, like they are supposed to. They should work consistently if used repeatedly, due to the size of them.
One of the pictures shows an under floor wheel well, which holds a space saver wheel (volvo) and jack etc. The S/S fuel tank is mounted below that.
 The wedding of my daughter is this weekend, so I will be taking her to the church in it.
regards Vic

Buchanan for sale.

Alan, in Orange, is selling his TR powered Buchanan.
It seems it is a fairly common practice for Buchanan owners to include a badge on the front signifying the Make of engine. That does have its dangers though. Another Alan in Adelaide had a Fiat badge on the front of his Fiat powered Buchanan. That simple little badge came under the attention of a Fiat expert in the historic movement who has raised doubts about the car's historical integrity, causing a few headaches.

Tasmanian Nagari update

Bolwell Nagari Coupe Shell & Chassis 
"On offer is this 1970's shell & chassis of a Bolwell Nagari. .In ""as is' condition . Has a 302 Windsor motor in need of rebuild . Has a Ford top loader 4 speed gearbox Torana front end and Ford rear end This shell was a new shell and is an unfinished project. See photos for a better idea of condition. Contact owner for any relevant details that you require. As item is in a used condition and every effort is made to describe accurately no warranty is implied ,offered or given . This vehicle is in as is where is condition and situation. "
View this car on EBAY, starting at $10,000 Car is in Launceston, Tasmania 

The Ebay listing has closed, however you can still click on the link to view some more photos

You can contact Greg on 0419 365 327 or $10,000 ono. Greg can organise shipping to the mainland at a reasonable cost

Sunday, December 4, 2011

5 Sports on the market. That's amazing.

Mainly for you MM. I couldn't find your email.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Trucks & Stuff.

A self respecting Barossa vigneron would have to have the old Bedford truck that had been in the family business since new or almost new and Carl Lindner is no exception.
His Bedford appears to be immaculate and I'm pretty sure it doesn't see much vineyard work these days.
Out in the yard was this old mid to late 40s Chev truck.
I guess a truck cab is a truck cab and both the above truck bodies were Holden products, but aren't they similar. I reckon they're more than similar and the cabs are dropped on to the chassis in the right spot and then the various model truck fronts are installed. Makes sense. I remember at Chryslers years ago, the truck plant was making the Dodge AT4 and churning out the exact same body for International.
Also at Lindners was this great big Garford.
I say "big" because most of the Garfords I have been familiar with were fire appliances about the size of a Model T. Everything on this truck looks massive. Just look at the back wheel.
And the dash etc.
I wonder what its history is. I'll ask one day. Surviving trucks have more interesting histories than cars really. Take a look at this 1923 GMC K series that Rainsfords have for sale in the showroom.
Solid rubber tyres even in 1923. "This rare truck was imported by Holdens to use in their new Woodville plant in 1923 when they started producing car bodies for General Motors. It was used by them in the plant until the late 1950's. The GMC K series truck has a large Northway 4 cylinder side valve engine (and) a dual range 7 speed transmission."