Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where have all the Moirs gone?

This is a Moir Renault and that's Len Moir sitting in the prototype in 1959. The beautiful creation sat on a Renault 750 and J&S built almost 30 bodies. In recent times they all seemed to have disappeared off the map except this one which Len's son somehow rediscovered. But what's happened to the rest? J&S produced less Hunter bodies than Moirs but most of the Hunters have been accounted for in one way or another. So surely there must be more than one of these little beauties hiding in a shed somewhere.

This man....
is so anxious to find one, he is prepared to sacrifice his left testicle to the cause.

This man....
is equally keen and offering a kidney.
I'd like to discover one too but I'm not interested in their body parts, nor am I happy to sacrifice any of my own.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jim's Nagari

is on the market. I'm already envious of the purchaser, whoever that may be.
It's on Carpoint. Check it out.
1973 Bolwell Nagari B8/81
"UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE ONE OF ONLY 18 FACTORY BUILT NAGARI SPORTS. Known history from new. Fully rebuilt mechanicals, chassis, suspension, bodywork & interior with photographic records & receipts. High performance 302 Cleveland. 4 Speed Top Loader. 5x original Bolwell alloy wheels Leather seats. Tonneau cover. Mercedes cloth hood. This car is highly regarded,well presented in original style,fully sorted, and drives accordingly. Car is located in Adelaide and is currently on club registration.. OFFERS OVER $70,000 INVITED."
Ross is selling it and his email is 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Those pesky windscreen surrounds.

Not sure what the Ikara windscreen frames are made out of but there's no reinforcement in them and they break into little bits at the drop of a hat. The plan here is to join the bits, fill in the cracks, take moulds and make up new pieces with a layer of  Kevlar in them. Passengers tend to use the windscreen as an aid to getting in and out. Here's the outside top piece mounted up prior to making the mould. Today the gouges from the soft top will be filled and sanded.
Next will be this bit mainly because it's a bit more complete than some of the rest.

Poor old Ikara 1.

Having to share its living arrangements with this old thing.

Should we be worried?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Turbo Ikara.

In answer to Wayne's question about whether Ikara 1 will be turboed again, it has to be, it's  written on the side pods!

Anyone seen Pete lately?

John Sherlock, in Victoria, posted this on the Eureka Facebook page recently.
G'day guys n gals, I know the following question is not exactly Eureka related, 
it's being asked in the hope that someone here may be able to help shed some
 light on a old kit car apparently made here in Aus.. Here goes..

I purchased the car 15 odd years ago from a friend in Toowoomba where it sat 
until a year ago when I transported it to Moe Victoria.
He had acquired it as part of a job lot from a farm in Oakey Qld.

The very little and unconfirmed info on the car is that it was built by two panel 
beater brothers in sydney in the late 60's and was called "The Viper".
 It is thought they made 12 in all.

I can confirm that it's based on an Hillman Imp chassis and the body was directly 
bonded to the chassis. It's a very small car with a roof height of just 37 inches.
That is all I know, and totally unconfirmed. I would dearly love to know any 
confirmed info as I've never seen another like it... 
Well, the expert opinions came up with Sabre, Magnum and the fact that Dennis Bedford had something to do with it, none of which are really correct. Here are some photos of the car in its heyday in SA in the 70s.
It was built in 1974 by then BCCA member, Peter Nelson and was very definitely a one-off. It was quite a speedy little thing despite its tiny Hillman Imp powerplant. It's interesting that it has been languishing in Queensland for umpteen years and has recently gone to Moe in Victoria. John, now, would naturally like to contact Peter and find out more about his car. Most of us haven't seen Peter in ages. Last I heard he was living down Reynella way and was restoring a dirty great big early 60s Cadillac convertible.


What is it? One by one we're ruling out the regulars.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Interstate challenge.

Queensland - Ikara 4.
South Australia - Ikara 1.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Well deserved.

Life members.
Congratulations Geoff and Sue.