Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Safely in Sydney.

Still on NZ plates but not for long.

Front benchers.

The Minister for Italian motorbikes on the left.

Welcome to Brunswick.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A good idea.

Dodge V10 powered Karmann Ghia.

Valuable van.

For all those sitting on their Cookie Coaches, check this.
No reserve and an estimated price range of $6000 - $10,000, it reaches a whopping $14,000.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kapunda - week 84

Yesterday morning in a side street (Church Street).

What a pity.

24 hr.

Trump Trikes to the fore at Murray Bridge.

Amazing what a little polish can do.

Larry's still none the wiser about the origins of the body. Please help.

Nota Fang.

Remember these?
There were 2 Nota Fangs running in the halcyon days of ProdSports and they acquitted themselves very well. With their Cooper S motors behind the driver they preceded the Bolwell Ikara by a fair bit.

Driving to the shops.

Not all Bolwell owners leave their Bollies in the carport, hey Neil?
A very long time ago, CAMS would fine you if you were caught driving on the streets with your race numbers displayed. That meant that if you drove your race car to and from the track you had to tape over the numbers. I bet not too many remember that. They also banned advertising on cars. Imagine that.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yes, there was a Holden truck.

I can see a bit of Bedford in there too.

Prelude to B2B.

Last Sunday, a little sweetener for the real thing, the Classic Bay to Birdwood, next Sunday week, took place in the top end of Rundle Street. Quite a few cars, here's some.....

The Aussie contingent.
A couple of immaculate sporty Toranas.
Adelaide built Asp, Royal and Pacer.
Matching esky for the man who has everything.
Goggo Dart across the bonnet of the only Bolwell there.
This little fellow is unique in that it is only one of two with a front boot.
Fleetwing - that's the Bolwell connection.

A Dart of a different persuasion.
Jensen, Triumph and Jag.
And a not so sporty cab.

Septic tanks (excuse the pun).
(even if this '59 is Australian assembled).
 327 Impala with a little Yankee kid for authenticity. How do I know?
Here's her dad.
A beautiful '58 Corvette. Garrie had his red '57 there as well.


The man who coordinated the parking (along with Belinda). No mean feat. Not sure where the Bolly people got to. Nav and his young son were the only helpers I saw. Plus new member, John Goddard came for a chat.
And what a fantastic Rock & Roll band.
 What's wrong with the Krishnas these days? Where's their orange uniforms?

Beaumaris Concours Car and Bike show.

No, this isn't a crime scene.
This is Reid's JWF Italia (1949 Singer chassis, grey Holden motor) taking out "Best Car in Show" trophy.    Beating.......
This yellow Nagari.
This E-type.
This Elfin.........and everything else for that matter.
and here's the car safely home with the trophy. Congratulations Reid.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Interval ads.

Half time at the pictures. Remember the ad stills while we bought the Jaffas? Here's a few from the 40s in Kapunda.