Wednesday, February 29, 2012

........and a Mark 4.

Team 24 1974.
The Whellan Bros. Mark 4. What a beaut little car.
Where is this car now? Haven't seen it in years. Is it painted red and owned by someone else?
And come to think about it, what about Ray Johnstone's Mark 4? Which one is that now?

The SR6 wasn't the only car in team 24.

There were a few Mark 7s as well.
Like Doug Seath's for example.....
That's a hooded Deidre, resplendent in white, but managing to keep a bit cleaner than Doug.
And Johnny Szabo's..........
And Frank Rushton's.............
This is a relay race after all and this is Frank coming into the dummy grid which is where the sash changes take place.

Monday, February 27, 2012

More Pellandini.

Immediately after reading the Pellandini road test the other day, Graham Nichols sent me a link to a Mini Marcos site in the UK which just happened to have these 5 photos of "Mad Flying Max's" two Pellandinis.
Max Kinsmore is at Gawler East which is literally just down the road from me. He and his wife are away in Bangkok this week but when they come back on Friday they've promised me a pile of photos.
Meanwhile here's some specs.
There is, in fact, a Pellandini languishing in a wrecking yard in Sydney. Remember the convertible version that used to be seen darting around the Blackwood area? John K still has that but it hasn't emerged yet after its "off" at Mallala.

What Bollie people do - No.3

This is PLACE OF THUNDER, one of the beautiful Quarter Horse stallions at Tindarre Quarter Horse Stud in Meningie, South Australia, on the shores of Lake Albert. Tindarre is owned and operated by Vern and Ronnie Leng. For those who haven't seen Vern for a while, they may be interested to know that he has shed 70kg in recent times, now down to a more comfortable 100kg and looking dashing.

Also from WA

Talking to John Harwood tonight. It looks like the SR6 will be ready for a workout at the next meeting at Collie (a 1.6 km track out of Perth a bit). There won't be any races for the Group Q category but there will be some Regularity events so that's where John intends to run. The start of things to come.

Stacey says.

see what happens when the currie man leaves his Mk4 here-it inspires me to do a bit- one of the side pods on, tomorrow the other side. Is quite good as I can compare the cars and there are a few thing Baz advised that can be improved, which I have done. Never know, I may go all the way...and finish it even tho I cant fit in....ah well
stacey-the inspired one

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here's a few photos of B8/88 taken back in 1981 when it was owned by Ray Moore.
I have no reason to believe it isn't just as tidy today. Anyway, it sold at the auction last night and will soon be on its way to its new home in Port Lincoln, South Australia.


Current status of the SIVRS submission

The first stage of the sign off for SIVRS took place Monday 13th February by the cabinet subcommittee.  If any political or “how does it work” questions were to be asked this was the forum to do that.  There were a couple of minor questions that were easily answered by the DPTI spokesman. There were no changes requested to what DPTI had submitted.

From here on in are further formalities.

There is a still a signature required from one Minister. It then has to go through Parliamentary Council for wording ready for Legislation.

Cabinet will then approve. The Governor will sign off on it. This is the Legislative component.

Once the above takes place there will be a procedural component “the nuts and bolts of procedures” where the SIVRS committee (who are your representatives) will have an opportunity for input into “what and how” it will work.

There will be no changes by 1 March 2012 as previously advised, the HVRS system will continue as before.

We are “on course” and proceeding. We are into the legislative phase and can hopefully look to a positive conclusion.

Gordon Cowley
16 February 2012.

More from Warwick and John and the SR6.

Same 6 Hour (1974), same car, but out on the track this time.
No bunkers for these tough flaggies.

A Mini ute?

Not really. It's a rebodied GT40. It's from the English firm (recently closed I believe), GTD, that built excellent GT40 replicas. Here's one.

First weekend of V8 Supertourers.

Certainly looks exciting! And Murph had a couple of wins.
Some great shots there Neville Cooper!
The Sports Sedans over there look pretty interesting too.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Custom paint jobs.

Not usually a fan of trick paint jobs but take a look at this Corvette.
Doesn't this really emphasise the beautiful lines? (and it's double blue).
But what can you say about this Mini?

More Pintar/Campbell

For Sean and James.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What members do - No.2

Alec Hamilton just happens, in addition to his many other activities, be a drummer in the Mount Gambier RSL Blue Lake Highland Pipe Band.
What's big deal about this is the band is performing at a Military Tattoo in Belgium this year from 19th to 24th September. A highlight of the tour is their participation in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate Memorial which takes place every evening at 8.00 in Ypres, Flanders, Belgium. Ypres was completely flattened in the 1st World War. 500,000 (yes, half a million) lives were lost, including about 9,000 Australians in a struggle over a few kilometres of land. This will be the first time ever that an Australian band has been asked to perform at this ceremony.
While Alec is up that way, we will try and link him up with Leo Kusters, the owner of a racing Nagari.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

ProdSports Mark 7.

Sean M sent this photo of the ex-Matt Pintar Mk.7. It's similar to others we've used but I like it so here it is again.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Unique Cars' Hanging Rock pictorial has picked out this little photo with the title "Nice little pair to have in the shed".
Not a bad little pair to have out on the road on a nice day either, especially the one on the right.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012