Monday, November 28, 2011

Cs and Ds

A consortium of enthusiasts in the Barossa, including Carl Lindner and Doug Lehmann, got together to buy one of those C-Type replicas in New Zealand. The car was brought back to Australia to be finished off and it's turned out really well. Have a look at the Colingrove Hillclimb site, there's some great pics of it from when they took it there. Here's a few more from our visit to (I almost said to the House of Lindner, but that's a fodder store) Tanunda.
This is not the C-Type bonnet propped up somewhere, it's actually on the car. With all those curves, it's  great for taking multiple photos of yourself.
Some of the syndicate members have now dropped out. Was it in the old Remington ad where that bloke liked the company so much that he bought it? Well, Carl bought this company. They are now finishing off a D-Type.
This great big filler cap is for the oil tank for the dry sump system.
The plan at the moment is not for making these fantastic replicas for sale but to make them available as part of a package where you can drive them around The Valley as the Ultimate Barossa Experience. So start saving now.

Some Jaguars

There's any number of them in the Lindner collection.
An XK120 roadster and the XK140 FHC.
With an XK150 out in "shed" number 3 awaiting restoration. Just noticed it's LHD.
It's the E-Type that's Carl's passion and he has quite a few of them scattered about the place.
I took this photo of the V12 roadster hardtop because, even though it's a factory job, I can't say I've seen one like it. The previous owner was an old bloke in his 80s from over on the Yorke Peninsular who died  following an accident in Europe. During his long ownership he would never have used the hardtop and no matter what the weather, you'd see him driving around with the top down. There's another old feller around the place with a bronze 6-cyl. E-Type and he's the same. I saw him coming down the Kapunda-Gawler road this winter, all rugged up, top down, and in the driving rain. Behind the V12, are a few more E-types, just some of many, and behind them, through the window, is the board room. Not a bad outlook, hey?
This lovely BRG example was in the workshop, keeping a silver coupe company.
Had to take a picture of the front end of this red E-type. It somehow makes me think of a well built Mark 5 (Bolwell that is). Don't know why. I love how the front sub-frame just bolts up to the body/chassis.
Here's one propped up against the wall.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Old photos.

The lengths people go to to come up with another picture of a Bolwell race car. If you look closely you'll see Barry Main's Nagari in the background of this photo from an old 1977 RCN.
 That's Norm Hamilton working the portable block and tackle. He was the mechanical guru responsible for keeping Barry's car in tip top working order back then.


hi all,
just a little update to those who are interested.
I have been in the process of putting triple mikuni hsr 42's on the red motor in the J&S Hunter.
These are often found on harley davidson's and are meant to be a good carby's in that area, so I thought I would give it a go.
As seen from the photo's they fit very neatly into the engine bay. Took a bit of mucking about to get linkages and the manifold sorted but am pleased with the result.
I initially had a bit of hassles with getting it to idle but ended up being an air leak. I upgraded the pilot jet and tonight took it for a run. Am very impressed with the instant and light throttle response and a definite improvement on the 465 holley- also better than the triple su's and the webers (i feel the overall performance will be equal if not better than the webers and if the bike fraternity forums are to be noted- better fuel economy- they flow 30% better than su's), and that is without going on the dyno to get the fuel ratio and jets exactly right- I think the main may need adjusting as a very small flat spot at 3/4 throttle. Have had to get my head around different tuning methods these carbs have. Quite simple and effective in reality. The way these are working out I am seriously thinking of putting these on the grey motor and the Mk4.
Will let you know when I get to the dyno in Byford to do a little bit of fine tuning.
stacey-pres with a smile!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Jags yet.

Sheer opulence.
Lincoln Zephyr V12.
Next time I must take an actual profile shot of this car. It is virtually a 2 seater yet there are yards and yards of body from the back of the seat to the back of the car.
Take a look at the boot space. You can actually stretch out in there. Maybe this is the camper version.
I wonder if Jake A sneaks in there for a kip during smoko.

Grumpy old Michele.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Jag collection (2)

Talking about Jags and the first thing I do is show you a couple of other cars, but they're worth a look.
This is Big Red. It used to be Jag powered. It now has an F100 Y-block in it. It was built on a Mark 4 (Jaguar) chassis.
And this is Black Bess. Not the real one but the replica. It's had a bit of a refurbishment and it's handling really well and goes like the clappers. It's good to see this car in the Barossa as Black Bess's greatest win was at the 1950 AGP held in Nuriootpa.
What's in a name? This Bugatti was the first Black Bess.

There's a police department for everything.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carl's collection (1) the SS.

Last Wednesday was a great day. Meetings in Nuri gobbled up most of the morning so I missed lunch at the Tanunda Club with the Gawler mob but as I came around the corner into Basedow Road, I was just in time to slip up the street to Carl's with everyone to check out the latest happenings in the growing Jag collection. Lots to talk about but I'll start with the SS1.
I took photo number 3 because the tail of this car seems to be unique (well, to me anyway). Somebody queried whether it had Australian bodywork. That would be somewhat unlikely as it didn't arrive in Australia until about 1947 and was driven in the UK for 15 years. Yes it was built in 1932 which makes it a pretty early SS. I remember the car when I was in my late teens/early twenties and it belonged to Joe Holding, a bus operator in Kapunda (obviously when that line of business was lucrative). Joe had acquired it in about 1962 and 2 or 3 years after that he gave some thought to selling some of his cars which brought about my very first visit to Kapunda. For some reason or other I didn't get to buy the SS but never mind. Carl has had it since 1981. Joe was the instigator of our Kapunda museum. I didn't manage to buy one of his cars but I do have his old moth eaten Zeta owners manual.
My interest in the SS1 was brought about, I guess, by Judith Jervies' dad, Bob's example, also a 1932 car. It was always a good reason to go to Kadina, although I did like his Hotchkiss as well, not to mention the Blue Lake Thirsty. That 30/98 is worth another story another time as it lived its early days in Kapunda, at Anlaby Station to be exact and it was one of those mad Dutton blokes that drove it into the Blue Lake. Anyway, I digress. Here's Bob's SS1. I wonder where that is now.
Isn't it beautiful?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

More chopped up FJs.

Colin writes.

Again could not get pics on the blog.

I do not think this car is the ex Blackwell sectioned FJ but it could be.

The car I saw in Myrtle Bank I now seem to remember as having a two piece Statesman grille and HQ sedan taillights and was dark green at the time.

The thing about the Starfire was that it was a radical section job and the bonnet was very flat along the lines of a Hillman Minx bonnet or similar very like the racing car you posted.

As commented in last post I found this car on a site identifying it as being at Wanneroo and I have attached another pic from the same era at a car show also in Perth and showing the car to be sponsored by Wanneroo Brakes.

If this was in 69 then it could have moved to SA and be the car I saw in late 70's.

Pics are a second shot of the WA sectioned FJ racer

John Coppins sectioned FJ with EJ roof

Lance Simmers sectioned FJ - old pic when orange

Lance Simmers sectioned FJ - new pic now blue

Bob Moule's Bobcat which most SA hot rod show attendees would recognise


Friday, November 18, 2011

A slightly different FJ

This was a race car in the Eastern states in the early 60s.
It looks remarkably similar to the metallic blue one that got around the streets of Adelaide and at local drag strips about the same time. Is it the same car?

More gear patterns.

A bit different to the Skyline. It'd look good in the Bolly.
Next year's Corvette apparently.

At last, a proper use for these Porsche rear spoilers.

It's not every day you see a motorbike with twin jet engines.

Would you like to be on this at 200 MPH?