Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coming to a branch near you.

This year's calendar.
What do you think?
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Saturday, January 26, 2013


On the market again. $75,000.
Check the latest Unique Cars or call Paul in Melbourne on 03 93835754.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Buchanan no-one knew about.

From Roo.

Unfinished Buchanan project
The daughter in law of a long time Buchanan owner contacted us with the sad news of an unfinished project that needs to find a new home. The gentleman that was restoring the car is now in aged care and unable to complete the project. By all accounts the car is complete but has never been on the road.
Based on a 1948-51 Talbot chassis; brakes, hubs and suspension are also Talbot sourced. It features a bored out Holden Grey motor, triple SUs and a MG gearbox. Instruments are fitted and working.
All that is needed is some fettling to finish off the project and get another Buchanan back on the road where it belongs. If interested you can email Lori, who is kindly sorting it all for her father in law Ken, at or call her husband David on 0408 760 003. Offers in the region of $5000 considered.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where do they pin the number?

Ross, training for the Iron Man.
You'd think they'd give these guys a uniform.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Robert.

hi john
nagari demister vents smihs part no h 1992301  do you know anywhere they might be available from need one for b847 reguards rob wragg

Can anybody help?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jim's new toy.

Look what Jim W's got in the carport now.
He looks pretty pleased with himself. He's been a bit of a fan of these little S600s, they're "technically very advanced for 1965". In typical Jim fashion, he'll tear it down and rebuild it even though it is complete, going and was on historic registration. That shouldn't take him long though.


via Winding Road.

Monday, January 14, 2013

More progress on the yellow Mk.4

I'll let Stacey tell you.

One side mostly done, other cut away, before I decided to call it a the plasma cutter. Thanks to Eddie for the steel plate . One day it will be done. Every corner there is drama...recon I would have had the Buchanan nearly done with all I have done with this .
Stacey , they pres who won't do a four again.

Plus he's after a couple of bits.

hi all,
I am after a mk1 cortina/anglia (pre cross flow) inlet manifold-either original GT weber downdraft or twin side draft dcoe manifold.
much appreciate if anyone can aid this poor ol mk4 builder.
stacey, weld weld.grind grind,plasma plasma cut etc etc prez


hi all,
this little monkey wants a cortina 2000e gearbox please. damn well hard to find one. need it for the internals to swap (baz wonderful guru of this) to the mk1 gearbox.
any leads etc very muchly appreciated
stacey-the prez in need of speed

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trans Tasman rivalry has always existed.

Kapunda - week 60

You can still find things like this around the area.

On behalf of Ross Allen.

G'day to you all

On Sunday 24th March 2013 I will be competing in IRONMAN® Melbourne and helping cure cancer. I have already started training hard for the 3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42.2km run and now, another important part of my journey beings... Raising money to find a cure for cancer.

Many of you will know about my recent encounter with cancer. A brief history and update: March 2012 and I get that phone call you never want from a doctor after blood tests and a biopsy to be told I have prostate cancer. Having recently retired after 34 years with the SA Government in 2011 and having celebrated my 60th birthday in Nov that year, dealing with an aggressive cancer was not part of my plans. I had to make some decisions about treatment, but doing nothing was not an option. MRI, CAT scans and a full body bone scan indicated no cancer elsewhere, so I opted for robotic assisted surgery with Peter Sutherland at the RAH in June 2012. I don't reckon there is a better person to have at the controls. All went well and I got back into training and joined the Australian Team at the World Triathlon Championships in New Zealand last October. Six months post-op and blood tests indicate I have been fortunate, but there is a 20% chance my cancer could show up again down the track so regular monitoring is essential.

It is most likely that you, or a loved one or a close friend have also been effected by cancer in some way. If not, you are extremely lucky.

So I am now doing my bit for cancer research and awareness by tackling the 226 kms of Ironman Melbourne in March. I have committed to fundraise at least $2000 for Tour de Cure and would like your support. Please see below for details on the cancer projects your donations will help fund. While I will be doing the hard work, join me on this journey and consider what each kilometre I travel is worth to you. I would greatly appreciate any support you could give me. Simply click the yellow "donate to me" button on the top right corner of this email and your donation will go towards my fundraising tally and help cure cancer. Don't forget to leave me a message too! I promise to do you proud and keep you updated on my training and how I go at IRONMAN® Melbourne.

Thanks for your support, regards
Ross Allen Mobile 0478228399

PS. Over six years Tour de Cure has funded 89 cancer research, support and prevention projects for men, women and children. They have raised over $8 million in the fight against cancer and are also focused on raising cancer awareness across communities. Tour de Cure are the proud charity partner of IRONMAN Melbourne for the next three years. To find out more about Tour de Cure  please go

If you know someone who you think may also like to support me, please forward this message to them.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have a question.

How long has core mat been around? This is the top left hand mudguard of a 1970 Nagari coupe.
Rubbed back to reveal this funny little patch about 6" x 6". In its entire life there has been no accident damage to that side of the car. What would be the purpose of such a tiny little square? And if it's not core mat, then what is it?

Talking about tidy Mark 7 engine bays.

Vic's got the motor out of his Mk.7 too to clean up the engine bay.

Kapunda - week 59

A couple of Darrell's Holdens in the main street.

Touring Car racing.

Rick's Mark 7.

The photo below is of Rick Wallace taking one of his young sons for a ride around Glenelg in his newly acquired Mark 7.
That was 25 years ago. Not long after that he took it off the road to restore. How do I know it was 25 years ago? Well, have a look at this...........
This gala event, organised by his sons, now grown up, left home and family men themselves, was planned and invitations sent out before the car was actually finished. This meant that work became cranked up to fever pitch to meet the deadline. Fellow club members rallied to the cause and pitched in, just as Rick had done, along with everybody else, on Peter and Dino's cars, and they just made it. I'm not saying that the paint was still wet on the night, but it was pretty close. Talking of paint, one snag that arose was that the spray painter let Rick down at the last minute, so the car ended up getting painted on the back lawn just days before the 20th. Anyway, here it is in all its glory.
This car sports a Lloyd Clonan chassis and suspension and with its 302 Windsor and 5 speed, should be a bit of a rocket.
The rear hatch turned out great.
The hinges are effective as are the props and there won't be the problem of drooping struts later.
The modern windscreen method looks good too.
Here's a way of me getting into my own pictures.
The very tidy engine bay.
......and the V8.
The tail lights are like new ones.
The extractor vents are early Crown too aren't they?
They were fitted by the original builder, Jim Richards. No, not Jum, but Dr. Jim Richards (doctor of warmongery at WRE). They weren't entirely put back just to fill the holes. The flow through ventilation is good too.
In addition to the Coopers Pale, the Mk.7 was welcomed in with Wallace Shiraz and the Bolwell Cab. Sav.
Out the front, some notable cars were Ron's, Wayne's, Roger and Lynne's and Scott and Julie's.
Wayne's Birkin is also a joy to behold. He's done a beautiful job on that. In a relatively short space of time too.
Meanwhile, across the Nullabor, another Mark 7 reaches registration.