Monday, October 31, 2011

370Z Nismo RC

Can't wait for this to come out.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kapunda - week 37

Andy from Parafield Gardens came up to have a look at the 240Z body and came in this.
Somewhere down there is a rotary engine. It goes like the clappers with fuel consumption to match a V8.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out and About.

The last few days have taken us to Eudunda, Point Pass, Peters Hill, Dutton, Truro, Manoora, Riverton, Mallala and lots of places in between. All fairly close to home I guess. The number of dirt roads are enough for the previous owner of my car to collapse with his leg in the air. Peter, I can see that foot rising now.
In Manoora, this old building in John Street has so much ancient history spelt out on the flat tin above the corrugated iron. I can make out  Eckermann's Garage
                                                   D.M. somebody or other Prop.
                                                   E.R. Wilkin Proprietor
                                                   Manoora Garage
                                                   Motor Electrical Engineer
                                                   Phone 7
                                                   Motor Trimming.
In Eudunda we came across Phil's latest project. It's a 1960 Australian assembled Pontiac Laurentian. They had 389 cu. in. V8s. Phil had just flown back from Brisbane where he went to get a boot lid which came back as hand luggage. Must have known the pilot. Datto Matt was beavering away with the sander in between coffee breaks, taking it back to bare metal.
Around the corner on the water tank for the steam engines the original old ads have been touched up and highlighted. It's a pity they can't get a grant to refurbish the 150 year old Eudunda railway station before the vandals completely destroy it.
Along the Robertstown road rusty collections like this beg the question "do I take a closer look?" Nah, better not.
At Dutton is this old school house attached to the Lutheran Church which has particular significance in a way. It was where I started school, albeit somewhat briefly.
On a pedestal out the front is this picture of the teacher and his segregated students, date unknown.
This is the rest of the plaque.

brochure on eBay.

Hi, I saw this item on eBay and thought you might be interested.

BOLWELL NAGARI V8 original brochure
BOLWELL NAGARI V8 original brochure
Current price:
AU $31.00
End time:30-Oct-11 21:00:57 AEDST

Random pics from Sunday's Supersprint.

A quick little Exige about to be scruted.
Later, out on the track.
A somewhat problematic XJ12. It sounded nice at times.
Mixing it with one of the hordes of MX5s.
 A great looking TR8 from Queensland. There was also a TR4 from WA competing. The Triumph Nationals in SA finished the day before. As recently as Tuesday night some red TRs were still hovering around the Vine Inn at Nuri.
This is a very pretty little MX5 in my opinion. At times it was referred to as a mobile chicane. You've gotta start somewhere guys.
A mixed bag.
This Elfin 700 got some private practice during the lunch break.

No show without Dattos.

That's right, and what would a SuperSprint be without a Datto or three?
Tim Knappstein has been reading a book on aerodynamics. Here's the results.
This one was pretty neat.
.......and another red one.
Get that GT3 out of the way. I'm coming through.
This little 1600 has been in the same hands for 17 years, first car in fact.
I know this has nothing to do with Datsuns. This photo was taken not far from a sign saying "no alcohol in the pits"
I'm far from being a wowser but rules are rules. The sign also says "no dogs" of course and it would be great to take Chocko out for the day. Then, what if she got run over.

Yes, there were Bolwells there.

Thank you to those Bolly members who came out to Mallala to help with flags etc. -Rick, Roger, John H, Dino, Kym, Maria.
Two really nice examples of the Mark 7.
They even ventured out onto the track.
This photo was taken from the media room, a very nice place to watch motorsport. That's John Harrland disappearing stage left and in the words of that great man, "if I am not very much mistaken" that's Siggsy riding shotgun with Roger.

Clubbies at Mallala

I think they're breeding. Look away, look back, there's more of them. Here's just a few.
2 Clementes going at it. Norm Clements in the blue one, Roger Fine with the pink bits.
This is Roger's car up a bit closer.
Not saying who left who behind.
Talking about Clemente owners, here's Kym Ninnes' other clubbie. This one is a little more dedicated to track work, with its supercharged Toyota motor, leaving the yellow Clemente to drive around Australia.
Norm choosing a different type of road surface to the red Elfin.
Here's another Elfin.
Bike engines, the way to go. This one really means business.
As does this little backless number.
Jayne White didn't compete on the day, which gave someone else the chance for FTD, but she did turn up later in the day to join her friends in the Chrysler Restorers who were picnicking on the grass. This gave me the opportunity to note some of the finer points of the new orange Puma, like the little LED blinkers and the neat vents in the bonnet. She must be proud of the job she's done on this car just as she should be of the 1.16s she's doing in it. The blue one's sold.