Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some more little Honda pics.

How to get a new Milano roadster body?

Here is Simon Black's JWF Milano at Speedweek this year.
So far this car has run 175mph in licence passes for Simon and Wayne Gower.
This year the team had a slight issue with a broken valve spring, then a lean out that burnt the 4 rear plugs so they returned home early to pull the engine. "There's always next year" says Simon. With a new belly pan, rear diffuser and a driver dome they are hoping to top the 205mph set by former Nagari man, Mike Davidson in this car. They'll also install an air dam under the front for next year, to push the air around the front wheels.
Simon would like to find a new body for the Milano. They could take a mould from the existing body but it is too modified. Simon wants to start with an original body again. I know that more than one body mould exists including one in South Australia. Does anyone know of a JWF Milano body mould? Failing that, is there anyone out there with a bare body that they would be willing to allow a mould to be taken from?

Not a bad line-up.

13 Bollies, 1 Hunter, 1 GT40.

Jason Bright @ speed @ Paul Ricard.

and loving the downforce.

Some great shots from Kristin.

...and it's good to see Dino's got his name tag on. He won't get lost that way.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Albany 3

Even more.
Worth the wait to see the Harmercar. Not showing any bias but looks a walk up start for the concours. Just saying. And Chris, the GT40's looking good.

Ferrari 458

Just rolling the car out for Jason's acquaintance with it.
If you squint your eyes a bit you could imagine it being the Bolly Mk.X.

Albany 2

.....and still they come. Even the Bedford made it.


More arrivals.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to the past.

Nullarbor News

Heard from Peter that he and Rick had made it to Norseman without incident and despite heavy rain and wind, the Mk.7 was still looking rather pristine. Later heard that they were 50K on the Albany side of Esperance. They'd be well and truly there by now.
Meanwhile here's Stacey leaving home without the little yellow car.
On Friday the orange Mark X was loaded onto a truck at Birdwood travelling directly to WA for Easter.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

COB-351 really a 427.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

For our American friends

This BoCar factory photograph is on eBay in the UK.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dash lights.

Does anybody know where Rob W can get some of these indicator dash lights for B8/49?

Ready for Easter?

Kevin's chev motor fired up and sounding niiiice.Did the bonnet trim and above the inside windscreen ready for glue in today. Finish off tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Advance notice - Mallala 6 Hour.

The Marque Sports Car Association of SA (MSCA) is conducting its annual six hour modern regularity relay at Mallala on Sunday 5 May and entries are invited from all interested clubs. Entries are open and will close on Monday 22 April.
The event is open to teams of three to six cars with four to six drivers.
An information night will be held at the MG Car Club rooms at 93 Chief St, Brompton  on Monday 22 April which all team managers must attend and drivers are also encouraged to attend.
Following the event a dinner is held at Mallala at which trophies are presented and competitors can enjoy a relaxing wind down at the end of a fun day. Bookings necessary.
More detail including Supp Regs and entry forms are available on the MSCA website at
Could you please pass this on to your club members who may be interested and encourage them to represent your club.
Any individuals or small groups who cannot find a full team are encouraged to complete an entry and MSCA will attempt to put them together with others to form a composite team.
Should you have any questions please call:
Sue Stephenson,             Event Secretary                0408 858 046
Peter Hall,                          Clerk of Course                 0419 824 156

Saturday, March 16, 2013

ME5 is back.

How good is it to see the Elfin back where it belongs, among the best sporties again?

What to look for tomorrow.

That is if you can see through the nasty weather.
Red Bull RB9
Ferrari F138
Lotus E21
Mercedes WO4
McLaren MP4-28
Toro Rosso STR8

Force India VJMO6
Williams FW35
Sauber C32
Caterham CTO3

Marussia MR02

Just heard when looking out at the poor visibility from this front that rolled in from Antarctica, Alan Jones points out that the F1 cars don't have mudguards or windscreen wipers. It's good to get this hi-tech information first hand.