Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend roundup.

John Harwood had the SR6 out at Wanneroo, gaining confidence, passing cars and moving up the grid.
Neil Baker is eyeing off this Nagari in the up-coming Melbourne auction.
....and Reid Bridson's mum gets a ride around the block in the Italia and produces language she didn't realise she knew.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A tip.

from Greg Smith
Borrow the kids' play dough.... check valve/piston clearance.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stop 3, last stop.

Finally to Bernie and Corina's.
The Nagari's in there somewhere.
I really like the removable front.
Anyway, on to the BBQ and a few beers and a few reds and a few more reds and Corina's sweets. The lie telling and bull continued into the late afternoon and into the night for some. It was a good day all round.

Stop 2, part 2.

Greg's got some other interesting cars too. Here's some of them.
A nice red Corvette roadster.
You have to admire the finish on these double skinned panels. In 1968 with the beginning of these 3rd generation Corvettes the body parts were manufactured with a press mould process whereby the fibreglass material and resin were shaped in a die-like tool that produced smoother parts more quickly.
A Roaring Forties GT40 almost ready for rego.
The only automatic GT40 replica in Australia I believe.
and the workhorse is a WB ute with a big Chev and a blower.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shed Run - stop 2.

Here we are at Greg's to check out his Nagari coupe. The chassis has had a hard life over the years on race tracks in the hands of Maclurkin, Gourlay and Gac (not too sure about its time in Wentworth, NSW) and is a bit of a patchwork quilt with all of its reinforcements, plates and patches welded on. However, it's been to the sand blasters and the chassis man has had a look at it and pinpointed its cracks and weaknesses and is ready to get busy on it.
The body is also stripped out and ready for some work. Some of Don Elliott's guard flares have been ordered (same as what's now fitted to Bernie's car).
Now on to Stop 2 part 2.

Monaro upgrade.

Ross's GTS now has a 383 Chev making about 510hp plus a top loader, 9" diff, better brakes, Koni shocks and 8 X 15 wheels etc.
Looking forward to seeing it when it's over for the Bay to Birdwood Classic in September.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What next?

Side pipes now!

Sunday 14th Shed Run - on the way to Stop 2

Going past the Railway Hotel in Port Adelaide we found a group of Armstrong Siddeley people inside enjoying pre-lunch wines. A nice selection of Whitleys or Typhoons and Sapphires were out the front.
Including this ute.
and this classy looking later model.
The oldest car in the group was this early 30s 15 or 16? showing that distinctive Siddeley nose shape that goes back to the Veteran Siddeley-Deasey that had the radiator mounted behind the engine.
Here's the Sphinx bonnet emblem or in this case radiator cap.
 A bit further down the street was this Nascar inspired RHD Pontiac.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sunday 14th Shed Run - stop 1.

First stop was Carm's place at Royal Park. Easy to know we were in the right area. Pete's and Ron's Bollies were over the road.
....JH's out the front...
(Good to see John back and still in one piece after his solo expedition to Cape York and the Gulf.)
....and Scott's in the drive.
Carm's Nagari is B8/45. Many years ago he despatched the original chassis to another member in SA and set about making a replacement more to his liking. Just look at the attention to detail here.
When I was really young and in the VSCC, there was this old bloke, Dan, who had been restoring this Type 40 Bugatti for donkeys years. Just when he had completed things like steering or brakes, for example, he wouldn't be happy and would pull it all apart and start all over again. He never did finish it and after he died that job was left to his son who had the benefit of driving and enjoying it. Well, Carm's a bit of a perfectionist too (I've heard the brake lines have been redone a few times) but he's on the last stretch to finishing the job now. Nevertheless, there's at least one son waiting in the wings to have a drive at least.
The body is upside down on a jig and that's getting plenty of attention too.
Also in the same shed is Kev's roadster.
Work started 20 years ago. Having the two cars in the same shed means that Kevin and Carm can help and inspire each other.

Bolwell book nearing completion.

Hi to all Bolwell Enthusiasts
As we all know, patience is an enduring quality inherent in most Bolwell enthusiasts. 
And this has been sorely tested with the much-planned Bolwell book.
However you will be pleased to know that serious progress has now been made and the book is nearing completion
So first, thanks for your patience.
As at this point, we have received 80,000 words back from Bolwell HQ, with a100% clearance.
This covers the core of the book - all the Bolwell models plus most of the Bolwell industrial  product.
And a lot of other stuff besides.
This is all being 'polished' right now
We have another 40,000 words in the review process.
This covers the people and personalities, owner cars, feature articles, background - all the colour and magic of the Bolwell marque.
We have also laid out 70 trial pages and Bolwell HQ has seen these and approved the concept. The book will be 250 pages.
All of the texts and photos are now being assembled, polished and proof read, and converted to full layouts.
When everything is complete, it will be relayed again to Bolwell management  for final checking.
We have yet to finalise the print specs of the book - but it won't vary much from the original plan.
The price will increase though, as there have been significant rises in the cost of paper and print - and $A losses.
We are expecting final price to be around $100 per book.
The existing pre-paid purchases will be honoured.
The final production process is going to take 6-8 weeks.
Then it will go to print.
Print and shipping will take another 6 weeks.
So realistically, we are looking at deliveries by October/November.
In time for Xmas.
While this process has gone on far too long, I'm sure you all appreciate that a lot has happened in the Bolwell Universe in the interim.
A plus point is that we have been able to acquire many more quality cars for inclusion than originally anticipated. 
Some of these are stunning.All of them are interesting.
We have also benefited from more information and input during the gestation period.
And we have been able to acquire more high-quality photos we need for the quality double-page four-colour super-gloss layouts we have planned.
We'd like to use this email to send special thanks to the many Bolwell enthusiasts who have forwarded details and photos on their cars, and assisted with information.
A special thanks to Tony Shaw who has probably put two or three decades of consistent research into the material that has been used to compile the backbone of the book.
Many of the Club Committees in each State  have done a tremendous job in stimulating members to supply details - thank you all for your conscientious efforts.
Thanks also to Owen Bolwell for his support and attention to detail and Campbell for his never-ending enthusiasm and backup.
We trust the finished product will be in line with the expectations of Bolwell enthusiasts.
We will keep you informed on each step of the finalisation process.
Rob and Nathan Luck.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Backbone chassis.

This is the DeTomaso Vallelunga chassis.
It makes me think of Eldred Norman's Zephyr Special.

A contrast in utes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bolwell life blood.

Bond, Duane's Bond.

Good news that Duane is getting back to advancing progress on the restoration on the Bond Equipe that was once considered a basket case.
The bonnet is with the "fibreglass dude".

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dart on eBay.

In Rosebud, Victoria. 6 days left to run. 11 bids so far. has reached $10,100. Comes with trailer.