Friday, November 30, 2018

Body wanted.

Does anyone know of the whereabouts of one of the original bodies from any of the Clubmans I built back in the late 60s. The cars were later fitted with full width noses and sidepods and, as I am resurrecting one of the originals with the intention of getting involved with some of my old friends in historic category, it will be a great help to me in finishing the project.

Gordon Dobie.
original body.
same car different body

Feeling a bit sore.

Actually, more than a bit. Bernie's just home from his second hip replacement.
Take it easy Bernie. It'll be good in the end. You'll be back in the Nagari in no time.

Displaying my ignorance.

Apart from a Honda motorbike, what exactly is a Goldwing?

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Saturday, November 24, 2018

You see a few of these around the place these days.

Oh look! There goes a Porsche.
Actually, this one looks more convincing.

Victorian Nostalgia.

Here's a founding member of the Victorian club, Grant W. who, after all these years, just like Ron, still has his Mark 7.
You may remember it being pale blue and there are plans for it to emerge in that original colour.

Grant's son has posted a couple of photos from the old Winton 6-hour days that will jog a few memories.
Can you name these blokes? I was there but as a member of the MG Car Club of SA at the time.

Col's 7.

An interesting Mk.7 in Queensland was this one of Col Cuthbert's.
It had the later Crown tail lights just like Pete S's which I reckon really suit the 7s and a Fibrecar hatch. It also features a Nagari nose and Nagari rims but with the Holden bolt pattern. However, I think its crowning glory (excuse the pun) are the one piece side glasses that wound all the way down (no quarter vents) which eclipsed Alan and John's Nagari examples by a number of years. Col had the car from new and still had it at the turn of the century. I wonder where it is now. Jason has been around the Queensland Bolwell scene for yonks. Do you know it, Jason?

Not convinced no.2

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The next step after the SR6 is an Elfin.

Following his time with the Mk.6 Alan Newton moved on to this Elfin 400.
Eventually progressing to the MS7 where he learned to fly.
Trevor Lambert followed up his stint with the SR6 with the Elfin ME5.

So, when are you getting your Elfin John?

Last weekend.

Bollies invited to the WA Triumph event.
Photos by Tina Julien.

McHappy Day, Whyalla.
Photos by Greg Sketcher.

Rob Roy Hillclimb.
Photos from ?Racing and Leon Sims.

Challenge Bathurst.

Monday, November 19, 2018


This is the Status Minipower, made in the UK many years ago.
I just can't get over the the similarity to the Nota Fang.