Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toran again

You may have seen this link from PeterG to the above photo in the Gavin Fry collection. Peter recognised it as the same car featured in the post on the Toran. We have posted the photo before, wondering if anyone knew of it. Gavin describes it as a "Bolwell-Porsche, one of the more interesting and successful Bolwell Specials fitted with a mid mounted Porsche engine. Lakeland circa 1965."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kapunda - week 14

I love these little CRXs. My youngest son, Andrew, with Colin Lucas' help, just picked it up today. It's really nice inside, all leather and expensive looking. He's got lots of plans including a 3" dump.

An urgent plea from Beven

Mr John Low

27 West Terrace
Kapunda SA 5373
Dear John
I have had computer problems and I am back to using a cathode tube monitor and the screen is not big enough for what I am trying to do

I have a new web site and my request is for some one who has a copy of either PRINTSCEEEN 20000 or GADWIN PRINTSCREEN or similar install on their computer to go to my home page www.bevenyoung.com.au and take a picture of it and email it to mebeven@bevenyoung.com as either a BMP or JPG 

For the uniformed both those programs are freeware and I use them all time and the procedure is to press the print screen key and the program will take a snapshot of what ever is on the screen and save it many different graphic formats

If any one can help it would GREATLY APPRECIATED
Beven D Young Automotive Books and Software
 (Australian Business No 37 019 148 439)
68 Somers Street North Brighton
5048 South Australia
PHONE: +61 or (0) 8 8298 5548
MOBILE: +61 or (0 )411 287 052
FAX: +61 or (0) 8 8376 0296 (24 HOUR FAX)
Serving the Motoring Public SINCE 1980


This is the Toran, an early 60s sportscar.
It had a space frame chassis and a mid-mounted 1500 supercharged Hillman engine with VW box. The body was aluminium and glass. It also had home made magnesium wheels, uprights and a few other bits.
I don't know its history but intend to find out. Tell me that nose isn't Mark 4 sourced if you dare.
I can't help thinking of the SR6 when I see it. (The orange one in this picture).
Same concept, mid engined, space frame, Mark 4 derived nose.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kevin's lenses

From Kevin..........

Hi John
Well im now able to produce  high Quality lens for the Nagari`s..Its taken 10 years of experiments,
lots of headaches and just given up for a couple of years then try again then stop for a couple years and then try again with different technic`s..
The latest lens are bullet proof....And im very happy with them..
They are the exact copy and finished Quality as the originals..
The photo shown is a sample of my last design which are ok but not compared to the New Batch of Lenses...
They are Glossier.
  Ozone proof.
Stomp with foot while lens is lying on the floor Proof. Angry smile
Rock proof..unless your doing 180 Kilo`s An Hour and get hit with a hand size rock..
Can with stand temps. up to 100 Celsius.
Ive been selling them all over the world on ebay but for Cortina Mk1..Who would think that there would be a huge interest in Cortina`s..
One guy in the UK bought 10 pairs..Also have sold to USA.. Argentina..New Zealand..Italy and offcourse Australia..
Kevin normally gets $70 or $80 on eBay so that's the price but he will be offering a discount to MEMBERS ONLY. I'll pass the details on to Beven and you can read about it in Slipstream.

Steering box wanted.

Steve, at Woolstore, Vic. (just a bit North of Warrnambool) is anxious to buy a Datsun 260C/280C steering box or a COMPLETE CAR. His telephone number is 0423 129796.

I understand the dilemma after reading the Ford forums. Apparently the 260C steering box is ideal for fitting to F100s, F150s, F250s and F350s. You ought to see the prices on eBay for them. (listed under Ford).

Shannon's motor enthusiast photo competition.

This is the link to the Shannon's photo competition and Roger has entered this Orange Lane studio shot of his Mark 7.
Naturally, he'd like to win and your vote might just help him to do so.

Dave's white Nagari is also in the collection.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You'd think it was from Castlemaine.

But no, it's from Maryland, USA. V6 X 2 = V12.

The Australian dollar.

Parity can have good points. I am aware that this goes against my principle of buying locally wherever possible but I had been searching for one of these tailgate vents for the early 240Z nationally for a while with little success. Geoff Mann found a supplier in California on eBay and here it is - part no. 90950-E4101. With free delivery via Louise's hand luggage my cost was A$20 or US$20, take your pick.

Mark 4 - More from Stacey

 just a quick update and a request for a little help- i am busy working and wont be finished until after xmas- joys of govt work-always behind.
as can be seen, i am updating a few things on the mk4- but wont go overboard until after next easter. it will be there. 
I have replaced the rear lights with more suitable ones- and in the process removed enough spare wiring to do the other mk4! also repositioned the battery from the footwell and redid the pedal box cover. I also replaced the mirrors with ones i can actually see what is behind me! Also did the steering wheel (thanks baz) I hopefully will remove the windscreen around feb and redo with wind deflector, thus removing the wipers and a big wieght off the bonnet. also will redo the centre consul-ie remove the added on piece.
what i am asking, as i have very little time to search, is a suitable front indicator/park light. the hole is 70mm at the highest point and 100mm the length. I also trod on the lense thus making sure i did not like the ones that where on there!
any suggestions greatfully received. (i dont really want ones that stick out a mile- just nice smooth ones that compliment the lines)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Mallala pics from Tracey's mum.

A couple of nice Toranas for the Torana fans.
I really love this Montreal. It's driven hard, it goes hard and it sounds magnificent. Not quite the fastest car there but not far off nevertheless.
Another Alfa. There's any number of these. The Alfa club is very active.
Finally here is the cockpit of the Ricardi we mentioned the other day.

...and this one from cousin Julie

A Blonde, a Car and a Mattress
A blonde ran over an innerspring mattress on the highway, and decided not to worry -- and kept on driving. It caught on the undercarriage of her Ford.

The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough to tear a hole in the fuel tank. The subsequent lack of fuel is what finally brought her vehicle to its knees.

She had managed to drive 30 miles, with a 60 pound tangle of stuff wrapped around her drive shaft.

She had it towed to her Ford dealership, and complained that the vehicle had a 'sort of a noise' when she was driving at high speeds.

Below are the photos of what they found at her Ford Dealership....................

The last photo is by far the best. "Sort of a noise" -- I'll bet it did!
And I thought I was getting another blonde joke email……..

A couple of emails, firstly from Peter G

A speed control device in Canada, an incentive to slow down if ever there was one.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Zs at Mallala

Tracey Rysz sent me a pile of photos her mum had taken at that last MSCA supersprint at Mallala and here are a few of the Z-cars that were there.
Firstly Tim Knappstein's very quick 240Z.
But here's a couple of newer ones on the scene.
This 240Z was also pretty fast aided by a blower. It had a flame out of the side exhaust like a V8 Supercar.
And this V8 powered 260Z didn't go too badly either and sounded pretty good. A 600Z.
These cars remind me of the Bolwell Mark 7s emerging in the late 60s - all citrus colours. That was before they discovered bright red.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

More photos from Phil at The Climb to the Eagle

A couple of cars that caught Phil's eye (and no wonder).
Firstly, the Toyota 2000GT.
Aren't they beautiful? And so rare around here these days. The green Clisby one has gone to Japan, the red one Garrie Hisco had went overseas for lots of money, to Japan as well I think, and I haven't seen the white one for donkeys years.
Talking about white ones, heres a shot of one at the 2010 Nippon Rally which took place at roughly the same time.
Secondly, the 1937 Hansa 1700 Sport of Bo and Inge Isberg.
Bo and Inge brought this very rare car with them when they came here from Sweden. I say rare because they only made two of these for racing. The other one went to Norway. It is a 6-cylinder 1.7 litre with triple Solex carbies and a four speed gearbox. It's LHD which must have been handy when Sweden switched to driving on the right hand side of the road in 1967.  Bo and Inge are fellow members of the Borgward club, Hansa being part of the Borgward group along with Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath.
 They are certainly very elegant cars as is this smaller 1937 Hansa 1100 coupe.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Horsepower at the Wheatsheaf

Here is B8/76 outside the Wheatsheaf. About 500hp
and here's a few one horsepower jobs.

Trevor in NZ again

Another shot of the mighty ME5 at the McLaren Revival thanks to Timbo.

Hardly a Mini in my book.