Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wrong turn

"Barry, that GPS has stuffed up again!"
"Don't worry Kath, I know what I'm doing!" got to stop this "Let's have a keg" business.

A croweater joke.

Pantera offroad.

Now in WA.

Unsafe helmets

CAMS wishes to advise that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have conducted testing on 6 different makes of motorcycle helmets and found that the following two models did not comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standard - AS1698.
Kylin XR 205 open face skull cap style helmet (all sizes)
KBC VR-1X full face helmet
CAMS ask all members to check their helmet as a matter of urgency for your personal safety.
Should you discover that your helmet does happen to be one of the above, please see the link below for information on refunds or replacements.
Please note that the above make and models of helmet will not be valid for use in CAMS competition, effective immediately.
For more information and the full ACCC announcement, please see the following link:
As always please contact CAMS if you have any other concerns on 1300 883 959 or Technical staff direct at:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Currently on eBay.

For sale in Queensland. A Nagari Weet-Bix card. It's a New Zealand one. I've got a set of these somewhere but mine are Australian.

Gary's Torana

The late Gary Allen's Torana is to be sold. Here are some pics.
Price is $5,000.00
Please note that the Weber carbies currently fitted to the motor belong to Trevor Lambert and do not go with it. The triple Strombergs shown separately replace the Webers. There are also spare parts available including 186 Holden engine block, heads, tyres etc.
The car is in Melbourne. Anyone interested should contact Gary's brother, Ross, initially.
Email :
Mobile : 0478 228 399
Home phone : 08-8683 0084
Inspection can be arranged with Phil White's assistance.
Please contact Ross for further information.

Friday, May 17, 2013

6 hour action.

Or inaction in this case.
I'm allright Jack.
Dean at speed.
Peter on the start/finish straight.
Rick on his knees.
Club member, Chris, in an MX5 team called Fun for All. They finished behind us!
The Knappstein winged Z showing the way (before its demise).
Next lot of pads coming up. In the words of Michael Almond, "Mallala is known for its big braking zones!!"
Rick's spin off in the rain which brought out the safety car. Needed a tow, the starter motor doesn't work. All of this watched from the comfort of the cosy media box.
Trying to hold off one of the many Loti.
Our "sister" team of Barry, Kym, Richard and Kristen and cohabitants of our garage. They finished 12th, we finished 16th.
Brian, our no.5 entrant. (question : what's different about this Mk.7?)
and team entrant no.4 (Norm). Roger's 7 in the background.
A fuzzy Dino.
Peter Mac in a hurry. Too much of a one as it turned out.
Ron's 7 behind the garage. He was off getting tips for next year.
Team manager, Alan's, green clubbie.

I'm really proud of our effort on the day. We went there to enjoy ourselves, to gain experience and not disgrace ourselves. We did all of that and didn't even come last as was expected of us. On top of that we won an award for the best presented team.

Progress in Madrid.

Our Spanish friends have dragged the Bolly out for a bit more work. On the recommendation of a couple of Victorian members, they've picked up a Mustang II front end through one of their suppliers in England. Joe has been busy with the camera while "the boss" makes it fit the chassis.
The rear end is next with preferences leaning towards BMW 535i

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Can anyone help Andrew F?

Hi guys – door hardware is next on the list for the Mk 7 and I need some help.

I have the correct Cortina Mk2 winders and crank handles, but can only find my inner door handles – can’t find the door handle mechanism and inner arms that connect to the latch?

I thought I had some correct ones out of a Cortina Mk2 4 door, (like the winders) but they have gone missing????

Does anyone have a LH/RH set of Cortina Mk 2 inner door mechanisms they wish to sell?  I believe the 2 door mechanisms work just as well….

0411 263 628

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Norax for sale.

One of 3 Sports Prototypes built by NORAX in 1987 and in current ownership since 1994. Well sorted "Ground Effects" car with inboard suspension, on-board plumbed fire system, 6 point harness, foam filled fuel cell. Weighs 680 KG and powered by Mazda 12A PP rotary. An exciting car to drive. Results include Pole Positions, Lap Records and Wins in its history.Quality Car. Spares include: Engineers plans, flat lift jack, spare set of wheels,exhaust,springs, rear wing, gear ratios, trailer.
Phone 0401 755 974

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's the diff?

Could anyone do with a Torana disc brake rear end?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

1983 AMSCAR Group A Sports Cars round 3 - Amaroo

They were the days.

On the Nullabor.

Not every day you see this. Well, not where I live anyway.
John Harrland is at a servo on the Nullabor, coming home from Easter. The pilot had just taxied up to the pumps to fill the plane with fuel.
It more or less reminds me of planes landing in the street and taxi-ing up to the pub in Birdsville.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Jeff Rowse found this article. He has the original Hot Rod magazine if the current car owner wants it.

One way to see a white Bolly on a race track.

It's Peter Mac. Thanks Graham.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kapunda - week 63

A one owner Super Saloon. In town to see the doc.


She's a funny woman.


Because he can.

Same with this guy.