Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Healey 4000.

This is the 4000 when it was in our club.
Here it is in 2012.
It's spent some time at The Healey Factory. It looks fantastic! That hardtop looks pretty smart too.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Diary of a Mark 4, page 2.

That's the back section pretty well finished. Hardly anything left of the old back. It's just about all new.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Where is it now No.13

In Slipstream November 1995. Snipped from Unique Cars mag.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rosa, a Hong Kong martial arts great

You're in for a surprise from about the 7 minute mark onwards. (oops, try 5 minutes.)

Monday, November 19, 2012


It's a year ago now that Stacey fitted triple Mikuni HSR42s on the red motor in the J&S Hunter. Mikunis are meant to be good motorcycle carbies and are often found on Harley Davidsons. Motorbike forums continually report increased performance as well as better fuel economy. This convinced Stacey to give them a go. It took a bit of mucking about to get linkages and the manifold sorted but he was pleased with the results and they fitted snugly into the engine bay. Initially there were hassles getting the car to idle but it turned out there was an air leak. He upgraded the pilot jet and took it for a run on 23rd Nov. He was immediately impressed with the instant and light throttle response and noted that they were a definite improvement on the 465 Holley and also better than the triple SUs and the Webers. These improvements were made without yet going on the dyno to get the fuel ratio and jets exactly right. Stacey "had to get his head around the different tuning methods these carbs have". Already he was thinking of Mikunis on the grey motor as well as the Mk4.
In May Stacey was so pleased with them that he began making plans to use twin HSR42s on the Mk4 and inquiries began coming in for tips on fitting them, including from a guy in Victoria who wanted to use triples on his Torana.
In August the Mikunis were running even better.
In October the previously mentioned "guy in Victoria", Mick, fitted a set on his LJ XU1 with great results. He used HSR45s as he had a worked 202. Mick reports "the new linkage system works sh... hot. Smooth, no gripping, just goes varoom".
Stacey thinks Mick's throttle system is better than his. Mick couldn't believe his car started virtually straight away and continues to do so. Stacey says this is where the Mikunis are different to other carbies. He can not start his car for 3 or 4 weeks and it will fire up in just a few turns. A very forgiving and simple carb.
The ram tubes are screw on so Stacey has adapted K&N filters to the inner part of the tubes.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Have a careful look at the location .... yes it is
South Rd, Edwardstown, South Australia
Rear-facing speed cameras are now here !
No more slamming on the brakes when you spot the Camry / Falcon parked on the side of the road.
By the time you see this one you are already pinged .....
Very sneaky !  

Check this engine plate.

351 Cleveland. In an XY.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nagari wheel centres.

The source in Victoria for these wheel caps has dried up and it doesn't seem likely that they will be doing another batch. However, William Zuccon, a NSW member with a Fibrecar Nagari sports, after trying to find some of these wheel centres to no avail, has produced a CAD drawing from the single original one he has and is having some machined up using CNC equipment. He intends to get some extra sets at the same time. Don't know the cost yet, he's currently being quoted. If anyone else wants some of these could they let me know or email William at

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kapunda - week 58

Last Saturday was Kapunda's Mega Garage Sale day. Over 75 garage sales in the town all laid out on a map that you could pick up outside the library. It happened to bring out the odd motor car from the back sheds for sale, like this Datsun 1200 powered Mk.2 Sprite...
...and this RHD Chev.
Brian sold his 2CV Citroen and a DS version as well and seen around the streets was this Morris Minor van...
....and the black LTD is out and about again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diary of a Mark 4

Yes a certain yellow one that's going to be finished for Easter.

May 6

Have stripped the rear completely and got to strip the remainder of the front. Will then turn over and repair fibreglass and chassis. Also the front suspension will be done ....same setup but with better pickups etc. Also note motor, gearbox and diff centre - all ready to go. I will be using Mikuni HSR42s as they have worked real well on the Hunter (guy in Victoria has seen them and is going to use them on his Torana).

Aug 26

Have removed a lot of fibreglass that wasn't well put in - close to putting in a couple of layers and then redoing the rear frame. Have got a Mk 3 diff housing that is slightly wider track. Will then go to the front and redo the front frame and suspension.

Oct 4

After looking closely at the damage, I noticed a crack behind the doors - it was aluminium rivetted to steel with bog and fibreglass to add to the mix. Just not on. So what does one do? - pry, grind, hit, pry, crack - and there you have it. Crap removed - as can be seen. I will make up some sheet metal sections and weld to steel. Far better solution. The fibreglass shown is how a lot of the rear was - just peel off, not suitably prepped nor enough resin.

Nov. 12

This morning I did it - I cut the old chassis off and waited to see what would happen. Nothing, Yippee. Put a strap under the body but seems the glassfbre I have done has worked a treat. Now the new chassis section ASAP, after I fix up 2 small sections of glassfibre.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kristin's big bike ride.

Hallo Fellow Bolwellers,

I wanted to thank you for your contribution and support for my participation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraising for the WA Institute of Medical Research the other weekend. The ride was a two day affair with Saturday cycling 95km from McCallum Park to Pinjarra via Armadale, with the trip back on Sunday passing through Rockingham and Fremantle and covering 115km. Over 1200 riders participated, with another hundred or so volunteers and over $4.6 million raised so far with another 4 weeks of fundraising to go. One of Sunsupers’ (the major sponsor) bosses is an ex Irish Olympic cyclist and he took part, as did many people who work for the WA Institute of Medical Research. Many people who had either fought through cancer or who were currently undergoing cancer treatment also rode, and they had some pretty inspirational stories to share. So there was lots of good and interesting and uplifting conversations throughout the weekend. Fortunately it was all really positive with the one exception of the second highest fundraiser passing away from his cancer battle a week prior to the ride.

Pre-start milling about on Saturday morning
Dining tent at Pinjarra
Bike storage after day one pedal
Tent city
Lounging watching the local cricket game. Fantastic weather for sitting in the shade, stretching and relaxing
About to embark on the return journey to Perth on Sunday morning
One guy started the ride on a unicycle, a lot of tandems, mountain bikes and fixies, plus most people on road bikes (no Bolwells). Getting down took between two and a half and about 8 hours which obviously matched the different ability levels of those participating. Fortunately when arriving at Pinjarra, bags were found and moved to the tent (once found as well). There was a massage tent which if you got to after lunch you had a wait of over an hour before a rub down. Yoga, a relaxation tent with tea, barista coffee, tim tams and tv was available as well. Little Creatures had a beer stall and all cyclists had a couple of drinks provided and then lunch and dinner was pretty good as well. Cheesecake and profiteroles for dessert J
Sunday had most people waking up about 430 and then breakfast and more coffee before we departed Pinjarra just before seven in the morning. The ride north to Rockingham was pretty comfortable, but as soon as we hit the coast the north easterly kicked in and the last sixty kay was all about working through the headwind. But as a challenge it’s nothing to knowing what people have to fight through when going through chemotherapy, which makes it pretty easy to dig a little deeper and push through the wind.
Anyway, thanks for reading and again for your help. And I look forward to driving around again at the end of the month, hopefully in the correct little red car (the pretty one) J


Renault turbo

I just saw this Renault 5 referred to as a Renault Endswapper. You can see why.
Apart from its snappy paint job, this car carries the signature of the great Jean Ragnotti who won the Monte in one in 1981.