Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lost for words.


When you're off to scrutineering and there's no passenger seat to put the extra stuff on.

A complete XJ13

My favourite 3-wheelers No.1

The Trihawk.
I see Ikara in the front half, especially in the windscreen. Maybe that's what the Greeks did with it.

Another Queensland Ikara.

Alan Roberts (Mk.7) sent these photos from his trip to Qld.

At a war museum up there. The Ikara was an Australian made pilotless vehicle (a drone I guess). They too latched on to the aboriginal word for "throwing stick".

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bodiless Esprit on ebay.

Mediocre looking chassis (IMHO).

Not one but two.

Series 4/5 RX7 sports sedans.
Hardly surprising. Dick built a swag of them. They mostly went to Indonesia as a package. Some came back though. That's a story in itself.

The RR Merlin V12 is becoming old hat.

I'd like to see and hear this 13 litre WW2 flat 12 Franklin drone engine fire up.

That was a nice touch.

Clem's Charger leads out the Historic Sports Sedan field.
Then everyone out of their cars on the grid for the moment of silence for the great man.


Not all of them Elfins.
....but here's a few open wheelers that are.

Monday, April 24, 2017

I've always wanted a Mainline ute.

This one would do.

How could this be?

Eurekas outnumbered Bolwells at Mallala yesterday.
Actually, so did the lone Pantera.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A cruise around Carl Lindner's.

With Jake Alcorn.
A couple of SS1s, 2 years apart.
and a couple of XKs
and a couple of E-types (2 of many)
Now for a few replicas, made here in the workshop.
A brace of C-types
a rotisseried chassis
the buck for the XJ13 body
Big Red, the Jaguar/Ford V8. Remember it at the Lobethal reunion? So roomy in there even I can drive it.
The Ken Wylie Austin A40. Significant as it competed in the Australian GP here in Nuriootpa.
Another sculpture by young Joel Zimmermann using a few old Jaguar parts.