Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unlikely contenders?

Not really.
Porsches do certainly have the numbers, along with a sprinkling of Skylines, Rotors,  Peranas and TR7V8s to form  the bulk of leaders in the Classic Targa. However, here are a few surprise packages (to me anyway).
This P76 went like hell and sounded fantastic. I'm sure it would give the GT Falcons, Mustangs and Falcon Sprints a good run for their money.
Same with this SD1, a similar but smaller V8.
This Starion (pretty rare these days - I wonder where they have all gone) was quick too.
And this little Fiat, did IT fly?
As for this Charade, it is a calculated giant killer and proven in Tasmania. It's run by a couple of mates of John Davies. They invested in a gun engine for this event but before it could realise its true potential it suffered mechanical failure and that was it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few more piccies from Sunday.

Triumph Herald convertibles. Where are they coming from? There were 3 that I saw, all red ones. This one with hippies on board, then there was one driven by a Salvo officer and the last one had, among others a ship's captain.
Now for a couple of Japs that you don't see too many of these days.
Haven't seen a Honda 1300 coupe in ages.
Or a 240C coupe for that matter.
A bit of American muscle, a Dodge Charger R/T. These and the Plymouths are cropping up everywhere.
The US will be fished out soon.
Now for a bit of Australiana.
Firstly a Star Model Mainline ute.
Plus the mighty XU1.
......and a good old Landau.
Not the real Elvis, at least I don't think. This one actually performed better. Goodonya Tony.
Now look what we found on the way home, parked in a Birdwood side street. Unrestored, original paint and still with the original 1958 number plate. Exactly the same colour scheme as our old one. If I'd won lotto I'd make them an offer.

Peter's Imp based special.

In response to Anonymous' query about the Peter Nelson special, here's a few old pics.
You can actually see the Imp shape around the rear and the rear guards.
Peter liked the sound of the name "Lasos" and called the car that, not realising there were Lasos' that went before it.
These pictures were taken in 1975. I wonder where the car is now.

Imps and Zimps

This Hillman Imp at the Bay to Birdwood Classic made me think of another much rarer Imp, the Zagato bodied version, nicknamed the Zimp.
Only 3 were built and, surprisingly, all 3 still exist.

Lots of real classics this year.

These 3 caught my eye mainly because I've had an example of each (back in more favourable times).
Quite a few of these.

.....and these.
....but only one of these. The DeTomaso DeTomaso.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A bit of glass at the mill.

Four mark 7s. These were the cars of the majority of plaque distributors at the finish.
Club member, Alan Rowley in the Morgan/Buchanan.
The Bacchus is a beauty.
Immanuel arrived in the Opel GT at last. Here's Rita with his poster and plaque. Amanda behind in the back up car.
It wasn't the only Opel GT on the day. They're nice looking little cars. Here's a side view.
Immanuel, have you got any more of those tail lights? They'd look good on the Bolwell.
Other Bolwell people on the run were the larger than life Daryl Siggs in the 356 and Ross Allen in the Beechey Monaro but when you're busy you can't get photos of everything.
And just for good measure here's the fibreglass bodied Studebaker Avanti.
Thanks to Ron, John H, Rita, Phil, Andrew, Ashley, Tammy, Dino and Peter M for a fine job at the finish and to those who helped Roger at the start.

Real Skylines!

There was quite a swag of them yesterday at Birdwood. Here's a few.
And a Prince Gloria for good measure.
What gutzy cars!
Saw another one this morning on Main North Road on my way home from RAH.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The timeless Tatra

This T87 is a 1941 model. It's one of about 10 in the USA. They talk about it being a pre-war car. Then again, they probably didn't realise it had been going for 3 years before they joined in. Anyway, in 1941 the Tatra was well ahead of its time wouldn't you say?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

'39 Chev.

At Goodwood this year as a tribute to Fangio, who would be 100 this year were he still alive, there were parade laps of most of the cars he had raced going back as far as this Chev coupe.
Our Chev coupes in 1939 were slopers. This one isn't. It looks like it's RHD. Was Argentina a RHD country in the old days? Back in the day, I've had 2 '39s, they were both 4-door sedans. Lots of torque for towing. They were identical except for one thing. Different front ends. One had the usual beam axle like the Fangio race car and the other had the notorious "knee action" independent jobs like you used to find on Vauxhalls of the 30s.

Z images

g'day John,

A couple of the concept drawings from the days when Nissan was planning the replacement for the Z32.
We would have worked our butts off to get one like the yellow version if it had eventuated like that.
Instead they produced the ho-hum, yawn fat tart with a 350z badge and a hacked passenger car under pinnings.


WA news.

Ian's new chassis number as given to him from the licencing dept.
New number plate and the co-driver. Notice the removed liftback badge.
Another view of car with new numberplates and removed liftback badge. Ian has already ordered new 15 inch mags, and new brakes from Hopper Stoppers. Has already organised new stainless steel exhaust with twin pipes coming out the back and a new PBR booster. He has been a busy boy.
Comment : SN.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can't wait for this to come out.

The scheduled new Jensen Interceptor.
Looks great!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A patch of road down the street from us. It got like that on Sunday night. I have no idea if this is a coincidence or not but a couple of hours earlier I was watching Craig on TV celebrating his win at Phillip Island with a "prolonged burnout". Craig is a role model and has some responsibilities in that area. Is this relevant? Am I being silly? Anyway, I think celebrating race wins by burning good rubber (remember people racing in lesser classes can do very well on Supercar cast-offs) is as stupid as wasting good French champagne spraying grid girls.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kapunda - week 34

Classic bikes on the Greenock - Kapunda Road. There were heaps of them. Down Main Street then left into Clare Road and off to Tarlee.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

OK you Torana mob.

Thank you for the emails. I'm taking on board the "never mind the Dattos, what about the Torries?" but don't get too cheeky, I've got lots more Datto pics. Anyway here's a few Toranas from the week past.

There was another A9X but it didn't turn up at TS1, unless I blinked.
And here's the Monaro (because I like it). Pity it wasn't a HK though.
And a couple of Commodores.
Well, that might keep the Holden people quiet for a while, with a bit of luck.