After a two-year hiatus, Caterham cars are back on the menu in Australia.
The British sports car maker needed to spend a couple of years meeting new European WLTP emissions regulations and subsequently regaining Australian Compliance Approval, but the brand’s main attraction (the Caterham Seven) is now available to order again.
With a revised range, only three versions of the Seven are up for grabs in Australia (as opposed to the eight previously available), with three models providing a span from base to halo.
At the lower end of the spectrum is the Caterham Seven 275, the $73,700 offering which forms the simplest way to get into a Caterham.
The 275 is powered by a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma inline four, good for 100kW and 160Nm, but in a package that weighs just 540kg (an international weight figure). Caterham claims a 0-100km/h of 5.0 seconds flat.
The other two model available are quite similar in specification level, but one’s packing a bit of extra kit.
At $114,000, the Caterham Seven 485 S runs a dry-sump 2.0-litre atmo engine making 177kW and 206Nm. This, in a package that weighs around 525kg, makes for a supercar-fighting track car that can hit 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds.
The 485 comes with a limited-slip diff, which the base 275 misses out on, plus adjustable suspension.
Or, for an extra $1000, you can have the Caterham Seven 485 CSR, which adds inboard front suspension, an anti-roll bar at the front (both models have them at the rear), more aero-friendly guards and, and independent wishbone rear suspension.
Both versions of 485 come with Avon ZZS tyres which are made from a soft compound that suits the Caterham Seven’s lightweight nature. On the CSR, you can wrap these tyres around a set of 15-inch CSR-specific wheels.
Interested buyers will need to contact Caterham’s Cremorne showroom in Melbourne, which can deliver to customers at an extra fee for transport.