Monday, October 29, 2012

Kapunda - week 56.

A bike club rolled through town yesterday. Among all the sinister black Ninjas and brightly coloured other bikes were these gadget filled contraptions. I've never seen them in the flesh before. I'm a country bumpkin remember.
Are they "Smart" bikes? Or should I say SmartTrikes?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Advance notice - 6 Hour - Mallala

Bolwell 6Hr Team - May the 5th 2013
Chris and I require Bolwell drivers to nominate for the 2013 6Hr Club Team.
The first things you must do are
In addition you will need to have a suitable 900 gm fire extinguisher that meets AS1841 and is less than 3 years old (or has been serviced within 3 years) on the day of the event; and a helmet which as a minimum meets AS1698. This is the normal Australian standard for helmets and I have found the cheapest good way to go is to buy a motor bike helment rather than a dedicated car helmet which is much more expensive.
Please let either Norm ( 8251 3228 or or myself (83361256 or know if you wish to enter.
We will provide further information about what you need to do and we will also try to organise some practice before the event. However, even though the event is in May; time will go very quickly and we need to start now.
Cheers Norm and Chris

Congratulations Sean.

Motorclassica - the Australian International Concours d'Elegance & Classic Motor Show.
Winner of the Classic (Sports & European) Class - 1972 Ferrari 365GTB/4 (Daytona) Coupe owned by Sean Brennan.

More Mallala.

The red Datto No.13. Unlucky for some. One of many. All getting quicker every meeting. Well...except for this one. Usually does 1.21s. This time 1.23s. Getting used to the new suspension mods.
Blue 260Z.
2 road going Zs with the boys hanging on the maestro's every word.
MR2 and a couple of TR8s. All good fun.
Loudest car on the day - the Chevodore. Went pretty hard too, after the brakes were bedded in.
As did this rotary powered 808.
The Amaroo. When are they going to let these bike engined clubbies have rego? They do in other places.
Out comes the Plymouth - my favorite.
Here it is hooked up behind the Volvo ute.
Up close and beautiful.
Even closer.
A nice tail.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mallala last Sunday.

Another MSCA Super Sprint and it was our turn for flags.
4 Mark 7s. That's Bobbie T, Ron behind him, Barry behind Ron, talking to John H and Dino's looking pleased with himself. Ken's Celica under the awning.
Phil and Rita's Mark 7. Chris, Sue and Norm in the background.
3 bums. The middle one is Ron's.
2 smart looking 7s and some officious looking officials.
During the lunch break the Bollies did some exploratory laps. Parade laps they're called.
Ken's new toy and the previous owner checking to see that it's being looked after. He's smiling. Pete S, Colin and Annette behind.
Nissan SR20, one of the reasons the Celica is so quick.
Wayne's finished the Birkin and here it is. He can be very proud.
Kym's well-travelled Clemente.
Flag point 3, Colin's and my spot on the wall.

Friday, October 26, 2012

"Latter Day" Vauxhall sporties.

Vauxhall had their share of concept cars too.
Like the 1966 XVR concept model.
Backbone chassis.
All independent wishbone suspension.
Gullwing doors centred around the centre windscreen pillar.

And the SRV concept car.
Front doors hinged on windscreen pillar.
Rear doors - access to full size rear seats, hinged from rear.
Electric self levelling suspension.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 Stooges.

VIDEO: Nissan gives sneak peek ahead of Altima V8 Supercar unveil

VIDEO: Nissan gives sneak peek ahead of Altima V8 Supercar unveil

Bolwell day at Seven Creeks Estate (Victoria)

Here's a few photos from last Sunday's Garden Open Day at Seven Creeks Estate which included a display of Bolwell Club cars.
Looks like a good roll-up. I'm counting 8 Bollies and an E-type.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Western Australia

Kev's car - nearly ready for the engine.
When painted it will be that bright yellow. It's that Suzuki Swift GT yellow. Very distinctive. I like it.

Toyota V8s.

Is this likely to fit in my Nagari?

Monday, October 22, 2012

A beautiful Mark 7.

Campbell's Mk.7 about to be taken for a run to Euroa.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

If I only had the money.

What a smart looking unit. The flat back on the 4A lends itself to those tail lights I reckon. Just looking at those front guards that would have to be the old Jock Sacre car.

Alpines (not Sunbeam).

I really ogled this Renault Alpine at the Targa Adelaide. Don't know a lot about it, Paul Tolcher might. I think John Gourlay messed around with these pretty little cars post Nagari too.
Anyway, did you know that they had a little sister (or brother) called the GT4?
The Renault Alpines were made under licence in Brazil and Mexico. This one is the Mexican version called a Renault Dinalpin.
This Willys Interlagos looks very Alpineish.
What's the connection?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lakeside, Lowood, Surfers Paradise.

Thanks to Duane, Philip M and Colin S in Victoria, here's some beauties. I've picked out the Sporties, no Bollies but some interesting ones to ponder over nevertheless. Do you know what they all are?