Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ross reports B8/88 is now safely home and in the shed. He's presently replacing front shocks and tidying up the interior. Former owner, Dave Lillis, has provided a CD with photographic details of the significant work he did to the car about 12 months ago, including engine and gearbox rebuild, all new brakes and hydraulics, clutch and repaint under and above. Ross is very happy with his purchase. Here's B8/88 enjoying the view over Port Lincoln bay.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garage Mahal

SA's last meeting was in a shed. Gary Croft's shed, which happens to be the headquarters for his business, Garage Mahal.
Here's a few Bollies outside.
and here's Garrie Hisco's designer Essex on the hoist.
Barry, Trevor and Ron solving the world's problems.
Another Bundy please.
More photos in the latest SA Slipstream.
If you want a garage like Gary's go to www.garagemahal.

Cultural exchange.

The two Nagari owners in Europe have finally caught up with each other and have begun exchanging anecdotes, photographs and tips. I think we've seen it before but here's a picture Leo has sent to Joe for inspiration.
Four Ford V8s in the one photo.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where have all the Sunmaids gone?

The Sunmaid 20 was a beaut little trailer sailer. You seldom see one now. Mind you it was about 30 years ago that Bolwell made them.
In an effort to answer my own question, I had a look at Trading Post and found this one for sale in Queensland.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Pellandini in Brisbane.

From Auto Action classifieds June 6th, 1975.
......and on the very same page, this ad.
That would have to be Howard Ellis. If that's the case, then the very same car is for sale in WA. Should have bought it back then.

The Historic laps at the AGP as reported in Europe.

Historische Rennwagen auf der Rennstrecke in Australien - Shannons Historic Demonstration 2012

Daniel Reinhard - 27.03.2012

Artikel weiterempfehlen
Richtige Rennen sind das natürlich nicht, angelegt sind sie ja auch als Demonstrationsläufe. Aber es wird Gas gegeben. Und vor allem kann man beim Rahmenprogramm zum GP Australien Autos sehen, die auf anderen Kontinenten nahezu unbekannt sind! Oder wann hat man letztes Mal einen Enfin Streamliner, einen Maybach Special Monoposto, einen Ausca oder einen Matich SR4 gesehen?
Rund 70 Renn-Oldtimer umrundeten bei "Shannons Historic Demonstration" den GP-Kurs zur Freude der Zuschauer, zu sehen waren auch legendäre Fahrzeuge wie der Porsche Carrera 6, den Kieft de Soto, der Ferrari 500 F2 oder ein Chevron B16.
Mehr als 1000 Worte aber sagen die Bilder, die in unserer umfangreichen Galeriezusammengestellt wurden.
Die Fahrzeuge und ihre Fahrer
1 Richard Carter Elfin Mono
2 John Rundell Maybach 2
3 Rod Quinn Alfa Romeo RLN TF
4 Maurice Alexander BMW M1
5 Rick Hall Ferrari 500/F2
6 Ian Henderson Porsche 906
7 Ray Delaney Maserati 250F
8 Michael Valmorbida Aston Martin DB4 Vantage
9 Clive Manifold Alfa 8C 2300 Monza
10 Clive Smith Ferrari 275GTB
12 Peter Statton Sabakat
13 Colin Sutton Jaguar XJ13
14 Bill Hemming Elfin 400
17 Keith Berryman D-type Jaguar
18 John McQuay Bentley 3-4½ litre
19 Brendan Quinn Aston Martin BD2 Vantage
20 Tony Parkinson Austin Healey 100S
21 Michael Russo Carter Corvette
22 Ian McDonald Ausca
23 Nick McDonald Allard J2 Competition
24 Bill Alexander Austin Healey 100S
25 Phillip Schudmak Alfa 8C Touring
26 Peter Strauss Brabham BT31
27 Paul Faulkner Williams FW07
28 Guido Belgiorno-Nettis Ferrari 156/85 F1 turbo
29 Duncan MacKellar McLaren M8E
31 Ron Townley Lago Talbot T26C GP
32 Terry Forrest Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Super Sport
33 Richard Longes Ferrari 275GTB
34 David White Cooper Bristol
35 Brian Duffy Austin Healey Sebring
37 Alan Telfer Bugatti T37/35B
41 Graeme Lowe Alta Sports
44 Barry Batagol Bentley Speed Six
45 Scotty Taylor Cooper Climax T45
55 Mark Poole Mallala 300
56 Rob Griffith Porsche 356
57 Graham Alexander Maserati 'Birdcage' Tipo 61
58 Nick Kelly Ferrari 250GT California Re Body
60 Richard East Alfa Romeo GTA
61 Max Lane Ferrari 275GTB Competition
63 Ken Bedggood AC Ace
70 Robert Harborow Maybach Spl Mk 1
71 Kent Patrick Bugatti Type 37A
77 Bob Cracknell TIGA Sports 1994
78 Brian Sampson Elva Mk 8 'S'
80 Colin Sullivan Elfin Streamliner
82 Andy Newall Ginetta G10
83 Max Warwick McLaren M1A
88 Paul Savoy Cooper T39 Bobtail
97 Trevor Montgomery Jaguar XK120
100 Nigel Tait Matich SR4
110 Joe Calleja AC Cobra CSX3150
111 Tony Jarvis Austin Healey 100S
113 Warwick Anderson E-Type Jaguar
117 Greg Snape Kieft de Soto Sports
120 John Anderson MM Holden Special
128 Rob Jamieson Austin Healey 100/4 BN1
141 Graham Smith Allard J2
183 Jeff Brown Chevron B16

Already my friends in Europe are asking "where are the Bolwells?" Good question.
This is in the internet magazine which is really worth a read at the best of times.
The reporter in this instance is Daniel Reinhard. Here are some of the photos he took for zwischengas.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Log Books.

For South Australians only.
A new batch of log books has arrived.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Many uses for a Mark 4.

Stacey is a funny man. Kevin is too, I reckon. It would seem that Baz wasn't all that pleased with his 4A being used as a BBQ table in Stacey's patio so they've brought it indoors to take better care of it.
There's only one Drive-In left in Adelaide and I bet most (if not all) of the country ones have disappeared too. No doubt it's a similar situation in the West but that doesn't stop these avid Drive-In enthusiasts.
Lucky it has side windows to hang the speakers on.
There's nobody in the car here. They must have gone to the canteen for some chips and ice cream.
Back again.
In between shows the Mk.4 makes an excellent coffee table.
I didn't realise the Nicolaous' were such intellectuals. I've just noticed the educational literature on the new table.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Advertiser article

This little snippet was in The Advertiser going back quite a few years, not sure exactly when.
Not a lot of information but Bolwell were obviously proud of their Supplier of the Year award.

More Nagari tail lights.

Col W. found this one. That must make about 8. It's the Bond Bug.

Back on track.

At a race meeting after a 5 year rest. John Harwood's first race in the SR6 at the Collie Motorplex which is about two hours South of Perth.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This is not Dick Johnson's helmet.

It's a sculpture by Eamon O'Toole. He's not bad is he? It is part of Eamon's exhibition at the Ipswich Gallery called "Revhead".

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A bit more ME5 history.

Here's a couple of pics of the ME5 from Elfin historian, Ian Hobbs' Elfin photo collection of 800 pictures. The car was built in 1969 and went through many owners until John Blanden bought it in 1985. He sent it back to the factory to be restored to original specification to make it eligible for historic racing (Group O?). Here it is during Blanden's ownership at the 1986 AGP meeting in Adelaide.
He sold it in 1987 to Ric Otten who sold it in 1989 to Greg Lovett who also brought it to the AGP in Adelaide in 1990.
There was very little change to the ME5 during these owners. The next owner, Bob Minogue (1992-93) sold it to Haam Lagaay (1993-2007) who lived in Germany. At the time Harm happened to be the head of the design department at Porsche and had the opportunity to use their facilities to make a few improvements. Trevor brought the ME5 back to South Australia in 2007.
Trevor had chosen to revive the car from its Johnnie Walker era, prior to the Blanden ownership but not as the original unstable car of 1969.
Thanks Ian, for that insight.

Mk.7 for sale. Creating lots of interest.|1||pCar_Price_Decimal|1||pCar_Make_String|0||pCar_Model_String|0&__sid=13612DCFCE67&__Nne=15&__Qpb=1&seot=1&__N=1216%201246%201247%201252%201282%204294957752%20419&silo=1011

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well, Morgan have done it.

Made an electric sports car that is - the Morgan Plus E.
So how far away is the electric Nagari?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mark 7s for sale.

Been wondering where Michael Grunert has got to? Well he's been living and working in Tassie and then Scotland. He's back again for now but as he's now married to a Scottish lady, the plan is to settle over there. It might be a bit hard to move the Bollies over there (although we do hear of Pommie migrants bringing out their Triumph Heralds and Morris Minors - they must love them to go to that trouble)  so he's going to see if he can sell them. I'm sure James Smith would be able to find him a similar project in Scotland. So here's an ad........

1. Bolwell Mark 7, the open top car.  $18,000 ONO.
- Engineer designed, built by Lloyd Clonan.
- Square tube, backbone/spaceframe, stressed steel floor, side intrusion bars.
Front suspension.
- Double tubular wishbone, anti-dive geometry.
- (New) Spax coilover shock absorbers.
- Cortina uprights.
- Vented rotors, Girling 4 spot brake calipers (all new).
- Escort rack & pinion.
Rear Suspension.
- Five link system, four trailing arms & Panhard bar.
- Anti-squat geometry.
- GAZ coilover shock absorbers (new).
- Ford Cortina (Borg Warner) diff (recon. centre, new brakes).
Other details.
- All brake lines/fuel lines plumbed in.
- Pedal box, floor mounted, brake bias bar, new master cylinder (all new).
- Fuel tank approx. 10 gal., purpose made (steel).
- Engine - Holden 186S, good condition.
- Gearbox - Holden XU1 M21, good condition.
- Tail shaft and universals (new).
- Wheels - Compomotive 70s period 15", 3 piece split.
- Body in gelcoat, good condition.
- Known history of the car. (Victoria).

2. Bolwell Mark 7. Reg. UAG-511.  $13,000 ONO.
- Good body and chassis.
- No engine.
- New HR brakes (rotors & callipers).
- LSD diff HR.
- Mags. Tyres 65% tread.
- M20 gearbox.
- Nagari seats
- assorted guages, roll bar.

3. Spare chassis. Price - Offers.
- Very good condition, unused since mid 70s
- UC Torana front end.
- HR rear end.

4. Mark 7 roof. Price - Offers.

Michael Grunert        Ph. (08) 8277 6651
                                  Mob. 0424 981411