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"Wished I'd bought it."

Coming from Mark Jansen at "Oldtimer Australia" about the Nagari below I think is significant.

Worthy of debate.

Discrimination Against Women in Motor Sport: Time to ditch the Fastest Lady of the Day Award

Drivers who aspire to get into motor racing start out at the club level where drivers compete against the stopwatch in hill climbs and sprints. This is a great way to gain experience in basic car handling and driving at speed. Some may progress to owning a racing car which can be entered in open events at tracks such as Wakefield Park in Goulburn. In these events, it seems there is rarely any discrimination against drivers who are women and there are no special awards given that are gender specific. But at the club level, it's a different story.
The Fastest Lady of the Day Trophy
The history of the Fastest Lady of the Day trophy is not really known but the first car club was founded in 1934, so it's likely that was around the time the predominantly male members of car clubs decided to award this dubious prize. The trophy is also awarded in other former Commonwealth countries.
At the time it was commonly believed that women were hopeless drivers who would never compete with men. Right up to the 1980s when the first of the antidiscrimination laws were passed, men were constantly saying that women couldn't drive, in newspaper editorials, current affairs programmes and in various public places. Distasteful jokes about women drivers did the rounds.
The Fastest Lady of the Day award seems to confirm this view. It's saying: You women can't drive and you will never compete with we men, so here's a consolation prize for you to encourage you to come back next time.
Is it still relevant, if it ever was?
The supposed justification for awarding the Fastest Lady trophy is to encourage women to participate in motor sport. It hasn't worked. Over the past fifty years, as far as I can determine, there has been no increase in the numbers of women competitors. There have never been more than two or three women competing at any given event. There is no longer any justification for this trophy whatsoever. It is anachronistic, disrespectful of women's achievements in motor sport and demeaning, because the women who do compete are very capable.
The reasons for this lack of participation by women in the sport are probably many but basically there are very few women who are interested in cars and mechanics and this isn't changing. Handing out trophies that have not been earned is not going to change the situation. Differentiating competitors by their gender in motor sport is completely unnecessary and insulting. It's the condescending nature of a token award for being average.
Can women competitors drive as well as men?
The late Frank Gardner set up a race driving school at Calder Raceway, Victoria, when he retired from racing in Europe. He didn't expect to be teaching women and didn't particularly want to, but when several very talented women joined his race driving school, he was amazed to find they were not only excellent drivers, but better than most of the men he had taught. This changed his view of women drivers completely. The fact is, when women are interested in driving, they do it as well as, or if not better than other competitors. There is therefore no need to be patronizing and award special trophies to women.
Novice awards and most improved driver awards would be a good replacement for this outdated prize as long as they are not gender specific. Some car clubs have a Scrutineers' Award for the best turned-out car or a Driver of the Day trophy chosen by the flag marshals.
Is it unlawful discrimination?
While on initial examination it doesn't seem that awarding a 'Fastest Lady' trophy amounts to unlawful discrimination, it is in fact patronizing at the very least. To be patronizing means to treat with an apparent kindness which betrays a feeling of superiority. It is indicative of an offensively condescending manner – 'a patronizing greeting, accompanied by a gentle pat on the back.' 'Well done girls, you can't really drive, but take this home for the mantelpiece so you know we appreciated the fact that you tried.'
In actual fact, many of these women are coming first, second or third in their class and that is the achievement for which they should receive an award, the same as the other competitors.
'Fast Lady': offensive connotations
In addition, the term 'fast lady' is very offensive. It is an old Australian expression meaning a 'loose woman', a 'fallen woman' or a prostitute. Check the dictionary if you don't believe it.
Therefore the awarding of 'Fastest Lady of the Day' trophy does fall into the category of discrimination and harassment.There's been many a snigger by males as the woman is presented with her 'prize'. It's all part of the oppression of women that the antidiscrimination laws were meant to address.
The rules regarding the awarding of the trophy 'Fastest Lady of the Day' vary from car club to car club.
Some clubs give a trophy to a woman even if she is the only female competitor. Some require there to be at least two women competing in order for a trophy to be awarded. In the past, clubs have been known to fail to award a woman for coming first or second in her class, instead giving her the Fastest Lady trophy, because it is the larger and more expensive one and it's assumed that is what she's really after.
One would wonder what kind of competitive spirit a woman has who would agree to accept a trophy in those circumstances. Here are some comments from women competitors:
*I don't like the idea of the 'fastest lady' trophy, but my husband said to accept it with a smile and be a good sport.
*I didn't want to accept it but how can you refuse in front of thirty or forty men? What are you supposed to say?
*If I didn't accept the trophy the men in the club would be really annoyed and would probably ostracize me.
At times women who compete in motor sport have tried to explain to men why the Fastest Lady of the Day is insulting to them and how they'd really rather not have it.
Online harassment and intimidation of women car club members is rife
Here are some comments written online by men from car clubs after women attempted to put their case that they would like to compete on equal terms with the other competitors.
“But we're saving you money. Entry is only $30 for girls and juniors - $80 for everyone else.”(Everyone else? That would be the 'real' competitors, right? The men? And the women are referred to as 'girls' and compared with fifteen year old 'juniors')
“Ur just bored behind your computer. I'm not going to go racing with someone like urself the way ur are bitching and carrying on don't like the entry rules don't bloody enter simple so easy really” (sic)
“You are writing shit on this post. You need the spotlight on yourself.”
One man at least gets it...
On a Scottish car club forum, a forward-thinking man, possibly aware of antidiscrimination laws and the the anachronistic nature of the Fastest Lady award, wrote this:
“I've been thinking for a while now that maybe the concept of having a Fastest Lady award is a tad passe? I think if I was a female competitor, I might look upon such a thing as being a bit like, 'Thanks for coming and doing your best love' – if you see what I mean. There's no reason why a female competitor should be considered any differently from her male counterparts in terms of driving skill – so why mark the distinction?”
This very reasonable question sparked a hatefest that was quite amazing. Here are some of the responses from men on the forum.
“Had a few before posting that one Eric?”
“I am sure the chicks would be up for it. What about newcomers as well? Or people that drive up the hill using one hand? Or better still backwards?”
“Is this not discriminating against the lesbian fastest lady of the day?”
“Are they not still ladys?” (sic)
“I can't stop laughing at the discriminatory against lesbian one.”
“It's a booby prize if you'll pardon the pun.”
“A ladies award is part of our tradition and we won't give it up lightly.”
“You risked opening a can of worms that it might be difficult getting the lid back on.”
“At the end of the day we have to let the little ladies go home thinking they have achieved something.”
Women in car clubs are powerless, isolated and are expected to remain silent
So it is clear that women who object to the awarding of a prize which has not been earned and which is gender specific are going to be bullied, intimidated and harassed online and possibly in person at motorsport events as well. The other men in the club, members of the various internet or Facebook forums belonging to the club where women with opinions are insulted and put down, just stand by and say nothing in the women's defence. In doing so they are as guilty as the perpetrators of the abuse. Forum moderators should immediately delete this kind of online abuse of women – yet they don't. It's not hard to work out why: they actually agree with the abuser but are cunning enough not to say so publicly.
Going along to a monthly meeting and putting the matter to a vote obviously won't help as they'll be outvoted by the men.
There may be some women who approve of the award and are willing to accept it. I don't know that they have really thought it through. How can you put on display a trophy that you have not earned? I would feel ashamed, myself.
Sexist entry forms with no choices
The other issue that comes to mind is entry forms which force the entrant to nominate a gender so that they can then be automatically added to the 'Ladies' Class'. With online entries, failing to nominate a gender results in the entry being rejected. There is nowhere on the entry form to opt out of the 'Ladies' Class' either. The competitor nominates the class they wish to compete in, only to find they are forced to enter an additional class that they did not nominate.
Sports reporters quite often write in their articles, 'female competitor (name) drove well to take second in class' or 'lady driver (name) had a personal best time of **'. Nominating the gender of the driver serves to reinforce the idea that it's quite surprising a woman has actually managed to drive well in the event. Some time ago Actors' Equity decided to ban the insulting term 'actress'. All performers are now called 'actors', whether male or female; and so, all drivers should be called drivers with no qualifying adjectives.
What is the answer? Make it clear in advance you are not willing to accept any consolation prize
I would encourage women drivers (and unfortunately I have to use that term in this context) to take a stand against the Fastest Lady of the Day trophy and inform the Clerk of the Course in advance, by email or phone call, that they are not competing in the 'Ladies Class' – which isn't even listed on the entry form – and will not accept any trophy other than first, second or third in class or Fastest Time of the Day.
I encourage car clubs to have a rethink about this and find other ways to encourage new drivers. Most Improved Competitor, Scrutineers' Best Turned Out Car, Most Oustanding Driver – Flag Marshals' Award. Because if you think about it, awarding a large pink consolation trophy to a woman for no particular reason is discriminating against the other competitors.

Our own clubs are guilty here. It makes me uncomfortable.

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At Shannon's next Melbourne auction.

4th May.
Bolwell Mk.7. First registered (in Victoria) in 1973.
Suggested value $30,000 - $36,000.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

B8/38 update.

B8/38 is the ex Ranald Maclurkin, ex John Gourlay race car that Richard Gac owned and drove for many years. An encounter with a wall at Mallala saw Richard put the car away unrepaired in dry storage for about 15 years while he got on with his superkart pursuits. Finally, a couple of years ago, the car was sold and off it went to Melbourne. The new owner, Anthony, was delayed with the rebuild with health problems and recently on-sold it to Greg P so back it comes to SA, still on the pallets on the trailer that it went East on.

Greg has most of the bits to complete the car but certainly has the job in front of him. He says it should take about 6 months so I imagine he's going to be pretty busy. He's just putting the finishing touches to his Roaring 40s GT40 so he's raring to go and is looking forward to getting out on the track with the Bolwell. He also has a '71 Corvette roadster. A nice little glass triage.
Actually, the body damage is limited to the RH flares. Even the wheels were unmarked..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Barry is selling one of his Mark 7s.

Red 1967 Bolwell MK7
3.3L blue motor 
5sp g/box LSD 
QLD club rego
Will deliver East coast
Phone Barry Campbell  0409964245

Monday, April 13, 2015

The love he left behind.

JH is grey nomading around the country for a while. I'm enjoying daily updates on his blog and you can too at    jhblogjh.tumblr.com
John, it's a small world, you might run into Ross Allen doing the same thing.

Currently on eBay

Dinkum Classics.
9 days to go.
No bids when I last looked.
Starting price $350.

For sale at The Healey Factory.

SN3166 2014 BOLWELL NAGARI Mk X REG: AAX884 CHASSIS N0: 6T9P01V976001X001 ENGINE NO: 2GR0260514 $148,000 (Inc GST, Excl Govt Charges if Applicable) THE BOLWELL NAGARI IS BACK! With 40 year since the Original Bolwell Nagari MK8, that stirred up the Super-car world and proved that Australians can build a genuine fast exotic car, Bolwell has done it again with the Nagari MK10. This Bolwell Nagari represents a very rare opportunity to get your hands on one of these very limited cars (1 of 5). We believe this to be the first next generation Nagari's up for open sale in Australia. Driving this car is a real treat and a car of two halves. With plenty of power, precise steering and a great feel from the suspension and brakes it feels great to drive fast. It is also very easy to drive at normal speeds and in busy traffic and can behave as a lovely docile daily driver. With a different layout from the original front engined V8, this New car has a mid-mounted 3.5L DOHC V6 VVTI with a Six speed paddle shift gearbox that can be used in both Automatic and in Manual mode. Build with a high strength carbon fibre occupant capsule, carbon fibre glass kevlar composites it make for a very light weight and strong body. The engine has 220kw and with the car weighing in at 990kg the power to weight ratio is wonderful and provides for a very spirited drive if you so desire. Suspension in this Aussie icon is fully independent double wishbone with coil over's & fully adjustable dampers for great tune-ability. This gives a firm but forgiving ride that will impress you in all driving conditions. Stopping this Super-car is taken car of by 355mm Ventilated disc's with 6 piston callipers up front, and 355mm ventilated disc's rear. All controlled by an ABS system. To grip the road the Bolwell has 19x8`` wheels with 235/35 Dunlop Sportsmaxx ZR19 up front & 19x9.5`` wheels with 275/35 Dunlop Sportsmaxx ZR19 at the rear. As standard the car comes with Air conditioning, Electric windows, Polaris stereo with GPS-DVD, rear camera & Cruise control. Trimmed beautifully with Fully adjustable Recaro sportster CS seats, a Momo Millenium Evo steering wheel, all in beautiful black leather. Some of the creature comforts include a 300 litre boot, side door pockets, a centre consul with cup holders & a glove box. With a very limited number to be sold, this really is your chance to buy a wonderful piece of Australian automotive history, & a fantastic car all in one. Come in for your on hoist inspection and a test drive of this truly Australian Super-car. To Be Sold with Vic RWC TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE: DOHC V6 VVTI OF 3.5L CAPACITY FUEL SYSTEM: FUEL INJECTED TRANSMISSION: 6 SPEED SELECTRONIC & PADDLE SHIFT SUSPENSION: INDEPENDENT FRONT & REAR BRAKES: ABS EQUIPPED DISC'S FRONT & REAR WHEELS: 19x8`` FRONT & 19x9.5`` REAR, ALLOYS

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nova 3 historic racing car for sale.

I presume there was a Nova 1 & 2.
Just putting it out there. Steve Rowley is keen to sell his Nova 3 so that he can get on with his Bolwell Mark 4 projects.
The car was built in the late 60s and raced from 1970 to 1978.
It had a Mal Ramsay Elfin 300 type chassis and 300 style panels. Ally nose and doors and fibreglass tail, all made at Elfins.
Lots of work has been done.
It has an interesting local (SA) history and a reasonable amount of Elfin input.
Its history is documented in a history file which includes race program entries, results sheets,  letters from the original constructor and last owner/driver and period photos.
Steve is on Kangaroo Island but is able to help with transport.
He would be happy to discuss all aspects of the project with anyone.
The Nova currently has an Alfa engine but does have history with Ford 1500, 2 litre and Mazda 13B as well.
The last photo is the last time it ran at Collingrove Hillclimb.
Price is reduced to $15K ono.
Contact Steve on rowleysteve@hotmail.com or 08-8553 7338.

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15 Bollies I believe.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Carm's chassis.

SA member, Carm, has finally finished his Nagari chassis.
He and Kevin are now doing repairs to the body - floor pan, dash, airconditioning and heater vents, boot area etc.
They are hopeful that the body will be permanently bolted to the chassis within the month.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

VooDoo - from David Homburg

Does anyone remember Alan Davisons Voodoo. Mk7 Bolwell. The first shots are of it in its day and the way it is today being painted orange. It ran a stroked Windsor and now sports a Jock McCleod chassis. Was planning to restore it back to the blue/yellow version but I may not have the time anymore (too many projects).

Friday, April 3, 2015

Kapunda - Week 80

Don't those Sandgropers travel in style?
And here's another stylish couple crossing the Nullabor.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

GTR-X. Moulds and another car found.

Anonymous has sent these photos.
with this explanation.
"This GTR-X was bought from GMH in 1988-90...it was 'for sale by tender to GMH employees only' with one condition of sale being 'it would not, and could not, be registered in Australia'. The car has since been sold again. Creative Customs are using the moulds and the car to recreate  the GTR-X, which will nullify the original agreement/understanding with GMH when it was sold. I wish them all the luck in the world."