Wednesday, September 30, 2020

European speedway.

 The 3rd picture is of a Talbot Lago in France.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Wow! Where was this hidijng?


Lucky enough to purchase this c1959 Milano a few days ago. Been fully registered since 1967 ... that's 53 years in the one owners hands who was only the 3rd owner. Previous owners his brother and first who built and raced it .. Johnny Shaw of the St George area. It is running a Skoda 1100cc engine and was raced from when first built around 1959 first with this motor, then a Skoda 1200 then a Grey motor then a Peugeot 203 motor before going back to this original engine. Ported twin SU's 3/4 race cam about 9 to 1. Built on a Skoda 4/40 chassis and running gear from new after the donor car late 50's fell off the trailer and rolled several times whilst being delivered new to Brisbane.
It raced at Oran Park and Amaroo maybe elsewhere before these were finished. Does anyone have any recollection of a Skoda powered Milano back then ?
A great fun thing to drive, light and seems to handle ok on the very old tyres ! Pretty much all Skoda except for a Wolseley rack and pinion steering. Skoda uses transverse leaf front and back. Needs a bit of TLC as hasn't been driven much last 30 years ...
Any help greatly appreciated ...

Ed Holly.

Lucky guy Ed.

There's a Milano in SA that has a Skoda rear end. Matt has it up at Eudunda. At some stage it acquired a 180B motor. I'm not sure what it had before. Steve might know. He had it at one stage.

Post script : Sorry, it was really an Italia, very much modified and it was originally fitted with a TR motor.

Norm's flares.

 Doing it properly.

To be continued.

Stage 4.

.......and the mould came away nicely.

Now looking really good.

I presume the RHS is just as good.

No room in the engine bay?


Friday, September 25, 2020

Good old Col.

 Look closely and you'll see Scott waving from upstairs.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Now running sweetly.


Thanks to 1&3/4" SU.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Ragno is now looking for a new home.

 The pretty little road car, so significant of our late mate Ken for so many years, is now for sale.

Michael, the executor of Ken's estate, will welcome your enquiries on  0401 701 555.

STOP PRESS!  Sold this afternoon.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Is there a more slippery car than this Lancia?


Still around.

 The occasional Porago.

End of an era after 84 years.

 The Morgan ladder frame chassis which has continued almost unaltered since the release of the very first 4-wheeled car in 1936 has seen its end in 2020.

The Morgan Motor Company has been building cars based on derivatives of the same steel chassis since 1936. Yes, you read that correctly. Morgan itself says that the current 4/4, the Plus 4 and the V6 Roadster all sit upon extremely similar underpinnings to that of its first ever car, the 4-4.

Here is both the new and the old chassis.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Enough to put you off your driving.


Bum steer.

 The excitement of learning of a full set of Ikara moulds in Western Victoria was heightened as the information was provided by an Ikara owner in the area. It all came crashing down when investigations revealed that they were Eureka moulds. So, I must apologise to Linley for momentarily doubting the Athens wharf story.

However, I wonder if this throws some light on Allan Purvis' mystery of whatever happened to the "Free Spirit" prototype.

Howard's Nagari project.

 "My car is someone’s unfinished project that I purchased what is now a number of years ago. It is supposed to be the last rolling car built by Fibrecar. The previous owner proceeded to modify it, independent front and rear suspension based on Corvette components, major changes to the way the body is mounted.


I am doing the car as an ICV (Individually constructed vehicle) so it needs to fully engineered and comply with a number of ADR’s, no small task!


In the end the chassis was to far gone to be of any use so I designed a new one which was analysed prior to fabrication. It has been tested and passed the ADR requirements.


I am currently working on some changes to the front end to bring the wheels in so the front guards do not need to be flared. This involves fabricated upper and lower arms and different upright. The COVID-19 lockdown we have is slowing this down as I can not get parts to the guy doing the welding.


It has been both fun and a battle to get to where I am now, I have a run out of talent a few times, but the guys from the Club here in Victoria are always willing to help with advise, encouragement and contacts."

ICV eh? That's a brave undertaking these days. Howard, I admire your tenacity.

The JWF Book.

I've enjoyed the read. I did however miss seeing the excellent Ferrari replicas that Sam had built.

Car and Driver, September 1967.


Check page 86.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Flying the flag.

 @ Rob Roy hillclimb.

Photos from Terry Regester.