Friday, December 23, 2016

Another book on Aussie cars.

Here's one I hadn't noticed before.
Here's the Bolwell page.
That looks like Ron Westren's 7 unless I'm mistaken.

Another one hits the road.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Now there's an idea!

A favourite of mine.

Kapunda - week 95

Decorated Christmas tree Kapunda style.

Badge engineering.

There's been lots of discussion about these strange people who put Chev badges on their Commodores. It's something to do with Australia's cultural cringe and there's no real reason for it as Chevrolet had little to do with the manufacture of a Commodore.

But the opposite happens in the US. Here's an example. A 2014 Chev SS that the owner has exchanged the bow tie for Holden badges.

This makes more sense as these Chevs were, in fact, built by Holden in Australia.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

Historic Winton


Historic Winton is on the look out for vehicles that competed in the early years of Rob Roy.

The first Rob Roy Hill Climb was held in 1937 and Historic Winton 2017 will be honouring 80 years of Rob Roy as a part of its ever expanding, transport themed heritage display.

If you have or know of anyone with an early Rob Roy Hill Climb vehicle please contact Noel Wilcox, Event Organiser. 03 54282689. 0413 702 558.

Pre-1960 Rob Roy vehicles are invited to join in competition events or static display.

We would be grateful if you could please pass this information onto anyone who may have a history or links with this iconic motoring event.

Historic Winton is proudly conducted by the Austin 7 Club Inc with the assistance of the HMRAV.

Additionally, here is a link to the digital posters for Historic Winton and Honouring Rob Roy Hill Climb should you wish to place them in your newsletter or on your website. Download from here:

Or if you would like them emailed to you, please email Leanne Cutler at  We’d be grateful if you could please help spread the word about the event.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Errol is producing these giant tapestries.
He's taking order for personalised ones. I'm guessing they're printed on large pieces of woven material.

Nope, I was wrong they're woven not printed.

Grey stuff - 40


68 years old.

The Holden had its 68th birthday last week.
Here's the very first.
And here's one of the very last so far.

Friday, December 2, 2016

That was a good night.

Tuesday saw us in the Adelaide Hills town of Oakbank after a spirited run from the Tower Hotel for our Christmas get-together - rib night at the Oakbank Hotel.
The long table.

A nice group of happy people and it was good to catch up with Margaret and Tony who we haven't seen for a while.
 Out the front was Alan's clubby..... was Scott's Nagari.

The PS red Nagari coupe was there too but must have been further down the street.