Saturday, May 30, 2015

Never mind Top Gear.....

I've just been watching "For The Love of Cars" on the ABC.
 In this episode they turned this crappy old MGTC into the above. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My favourite twin cab.

Eureka power.

This looks pretty gutsy.
But this looks better.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Another special

Earlier in the year Neil Roshier from Race Magazine found a fibreglass special in Melbourne and wonders what it is. Can't say I know so I'm putting it out there.

Ït is properly moulded, in an upper and lower section. Has indentations in the floor section for a chassis, though it was found on a Triumph Herald chassis that did not fit it. It has flavours of a JWF, but is slightly bigger than a Milano. It appears to take an MGB screen".

Any hints as to its identity?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Still searching.

Over 3 years ago Michael Scheid was searching for the Ford V8 special that his cousin built. Remember that?

Well, the search continues.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

This year's Six Hour.

Best described as a weekend of ups and downs, we can be proud of our ability to meet the downs with our traditional ingenuity - most of the time. Entered were 5 cars and 5 drivers. Then in the week before the event we lost Alan and his car but that's OK, a team of 4 isn't too bad. In practice on Saturday, Chris' GT40 overheated and developed a distributor problem (a Westren trait I believe). The problems were not immediately resolvable and Sunday began with 3 cars and 4 drivers, still acceptable. However, Bernie's recently converted to a road car, Nagari, detuned to a mere 400 hp, failed the scroots as they couldn't find a date on his harness.There were no compromises and thus began a whip around to the Sprints and Auto Pros within a 30 mile radius but to no avail. Ironically, if the car was fitted with a 50 year old lap sash, that would be OK. It looked like we were doomed  because a team needs at least 3 cars to be eligible. Miraculously, one of Scott's mates turned up in his Porsche GT3 and his passenger side  harness clipped straight in (to Bernie's car). Anyway, things got under way  and all 4 drivers are circulating well, picking up bonus laps and hardly forfeiting any. Bernie was black flagged at one stage for having his visor up. Things were ticking along nicely until Pete's off-track excursion broke his Panhard rod mounting so we were down to 2 cars. A makeshift weld had him back out again but the weld broke again and that was it. Then the Nagari slowed  with a manifold problem and from then on it was left to Norm and Chris in the ever reliable Clemente. Then, even the "ever reliable" succumbed to an electrical problem and at the 5 hour mark we had run out of cars. On the bright side, we beat the rush at the Mallala pub.

The trusty Mk.7
The Nagari in its "stock" format.
The "ever reliable" with its new side bars.
and another Clemente that turned up on the day, the new lady owner, whose name I've rudely forgotten. To be rectified soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mixing it with the big boys.

2015 Bay to Birdwood Classic media release.

Bay to Birdwood Classic call for entries open


From the start of June the Bay to Birdwood is calling for owners of classic vehicles manufactured from 1956 through to 31st December 1978 to get their entries in for this years popular ‘Classic’ event taking place on Sunday 27th September.


The Bay to Birdwood Classic will start at Adelaide Shores, Barratt Reserve, West Beach with some 4000 people expected to enjoy breakfast with the entrants. The vehicles will then be waved off by Australia's legendary motorsport flag waver, Glen Dix.


Around 70,000 spectators are expected to line the 70 kilometre route, this year’s Classic will take the successful route from last years event -  around the city, up North East Road, Grand Junction Road and heading up to Houghton and back through Inglewood and Gumeracha, finishing at its home of 35 years - the National Motor Museum in Birdwood.


“We have listened to the feedback provided by entrants in last year’s “Run” event who enjoyed the modified route and we will use it again this year,” said Bay to Birdwood’s new Chairman, Mal Hyde.


“We are also excited to announce that this year the eligibility date has been extended to vehicles manufactured up to 31 December 1978.


“We are committed to delivering a wonderful iconic South Australian event for motoring enthusiasts, local communities, families and tourist. With a cut off of 1750 vehicles allowed to enter the event we are encouraging vehicles owners to get their entries in quick so they don’t miss out!” said Chairman Mal Hyde.


The finish event will be part of the National Motor Museum’s 50th birthday celebrations and will see around 10,000 people enjoy the vehicles, fashion, entertainment, regional produce, music and children’s activities at Birdwood in the Adelaide Hills.


It will be great day for families and enthusiasts with the ‘Fashions in the Field’ competition for lovers of retro fashion and the Concours d’Elegance in which entrants are judged on the presentation of their vehicle and dress of the era. Everyone is encouraged to dress-up to make the most of the “classic” atmosphere.


To enter your 1956 to 31st December 1978 vehicle into this year’s Bay to Birdwood Classic visit from early June and download an entry form or call the National Motor Museum on 8568 4022. Entries close 8 August 2015.


For media enquiries, to organise photo opportunities or interviews please contact:

Belinda Petersen, Communications Manager, Bay to Birdwood 0402 358 000


Fed His Mo col


Historic Sports Sedans

The historic event at Mallala on the Anzac weekend was the first event for the new Historic Sports Sedan category and it's going to be a beauty. Races were oversubscribed and "Saggy"
had to run in Regularity on the Saturday, along with this Cobra.
Larry did get to race on Sunday though.
Some good old cars turned up including this yellow Datto
and this very familiar Jag.
Dick was over with the rotary Abath.
One of my favourites was this Imp with its mid mounted big engine.
As you can imagine this was one of those rare occasions where it was pointed in the right direction.
It was great to see 3 of Barry Bray's creations in the one spot and the effort and the midnight oil expended to get the A30 there was to be commended although, at some stage in life we all have those times.
This is going to be a great category. There's so many people I know of blowing the dust off old vehicles from the "Glory Days".
Finally, it was good to see one of the Noraxes on the weekend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

JB likes sporties too.

After a busy weekend I headed off to work, as you do on a Monday morning. I had an assignment to drive 2 beautiful little English cars forUnique Cars magazine. We headed up to the Yarra Valley. Not a bad spot if you must. For the story I drove a Caterham Seven 485. Not sure what the number means but it's essentially a direct descendant of the Lotus Super 7 from the 60s, the epitome of the 60's minimalist sports car. It weighs in at 600kg and has nearly 180 kilowatts, so it accelerates like it's been fired out of a cannon. It's a track car really and a good one at that. But it's very road able and has full ADR compliance. I didn't think I would like it but I honestly loved it. It is fabulous and has such character, which is sadly lacking in some of today's high performance cars. The other was a Morgan Plus 4, which is the other end of the sports car spectrum. Beautifully luxurious, lovely to drive and very traditional. A new classic car really, without all the pit falls of a classic car. It'd be ideal for weekends away in the country. Very English with amazing heritage. Keep an eye out for the articles. They are well worth a read. So that was my first day back at work. How was yours? Cheers JB

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ol' '57

My God! It's 18 months since Neil B. bought B8/57 and took it North.
Here it is sporting its new Qld. number plates and getting some use around the place.
It has also had a new paint job.
and sound deadening.
Now Neil is back from the holiday in the US, people in Queensland are bound to see B8/57 on the roads up there.

I like his Corona ute too.

Mk.5 on eBay.

How come I've never heard about this one before?
In Frankston, Vic. Opening bid $8000 which hasn't happened yet. Reserve price $12,000.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A device for heel/toe.

Had to show you this.
On an FJ.

Just $3000

Needs some work but doesn't seem all that bad for the price.
Andrew in Narellan (sounds like Watson country) has it for sale. 0402 632377.