Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ross Allen has been thinking.

And speaking of Ross, he'll be over this way in September. So he's looking for somewhere to secure the Nagari for 10 days while in Adelaide from 20th to 30th Sept. He'll be staying in the CBD but without secure parking. He'd like to find some garage space preferably not too far from the city....or any other option. Can anybody help? He'll be taking in Collingrove come and try day one weekend and Bay to Birdwood the other.

Out of hibernation.

Not exactly a "shed find" because owner, Rod White, had never lost it. However, it has been sitting around for a very long time.
If my memory is still half reasonable, Rod had a Mk.7 coupe with ads on the doors for his waterbed business.
Anyway, this Mark 7 has sat for many years, although I notice it has been fitted with a "glue in" windscreen surround, and Rod thought that he might pass it on.  Before it could make it to the customary "Slipstream" ad, it was snapped up by Kim and Ann to add to their fleet of Bolwells, which now stands at 2 Nagaris and 2 Mark 7s, both 7s being ex-Rod White cars. One thing about being a Slipstream editor with a bit of spare cash is that it allows you to be first on the scene.  In a similar vein, a friend in Kapunda who is a property valuer and auctioneer and goes to the odd farm to organise clearing sales has made some nice discoveries and his collection includes a one owner '56 Chev that the recently widowed farmer's wife had no use for.
Stacey's smart blue trailer was engaged and with a bit of a hose off the car doesn't look too bad.
Here it is safely in its new home.
It may not take long to see it out on the road, helped along by the fact that Rod had kept up the registration for all of these years.
This prompts me to ask - whatever happened to the John Arcus Mk.7 convertible?
Arguably one of the first 7s (if not THE first) to get the chop.
I reckon the real pioneer of the convertible conversion was the late Ross with his V8 Mk.5.
I wish I had a better photo. I never did track down that car, although I believe Dave Bruce saved it from going to the tip.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kapunda - week 65

On Monday morning I was in a meeting and look what was outside the window.
It's a Buick Riviera. The cabin is not much bigger than a Mark 7 yet it has this huge bonnet about the size of an aicraft carrier's landing deck.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More progress.

Does a Nagari bonnet fit in that hole?


Design cues from Daihatsu?

Here's a little Japanese ute that never made it to Australia.

Someone was looking for a Ford 9".

Can't remember who. Anyway, here's a 28 spline 9" LSD for sale. Anthony Formosa, in Albury has it.
Found it on Facebook - Old School Cars For Sale - Australia.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little red motor.

Going into a Torana.
Should help it along a bit.
Here's another one.
Must be a craze.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Qld. Mk.7

Andrew Tully is very proud of his dad, Ron's, achievements in restoring his Mark 7. They're both from up Cairns way. Here's some photos from a couple of months ago.
More pictures to come shortly (after the badges are fitted).

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More on Eldred Norman.

It was quite some time since we have been discussing Eldred Norman cars etc. so it was nice to receive this email from Ramon Monkhouse:-

"Just found your article on Eldred de Bracken Norman. I was assistant mechanic at the 1955 GP at Port Wakefield. My main job during the race was to re-fuel the car from a 44 gallon drum pressurized with Nitrogen oxide to give it a faster flow. One of the first teething problems with the car was that it was always tested on a straight road & subsequently got fuel starvation on corners.
Regards.  R"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Master cylinder

Can anyone help Vic Meyer with some advice on his Mark 7 PBR master cylinder - e.g. Does anybody recognise it?

"I have a problem with my brake master cylinder. I need a new seal kit, but I cannot work out what it is off. It is off my MK7 (with nagari doors). I have searched and searched and have come up with nothing. Yourself or one of your bolly blog followers would probably know straight away!!!! It is made in Australia by PBR, that's all I know....
Hope you can help,

Campbell, Jackie and Paul.

Scott's been browsing the ABC and came across this radio interview:-

While I was researching the Bolly talk for the SCC the other night I came
> across this radio interview of Campbell and some other bloke called Jackie.