Saturday, August 31, 2013

Out of hibernation.

Not exactly a "shed find" because owner, Rod White, had never lost it. However, it has been sitting around for a very long time.
If my memory is still half reasonable, Rod had a Mk.7 coupe with ads on the doors for his waterbed business.
Anyway, this Mark 7 has sat for many years, although I notice it has been fitted with a "glue in" windscreen surround, and Rod thought that he might pass it on.  Before it could make it to the customary "Slipstream" ad, it was snapped up by Kim and Ann to add to their fleet of Bolwells, which now stands at 2 Nagaris and 2 Mark 7s, both 7s being ex-Rod White cars. One thing about being a Slipstream editor with a bit of spare cash is that it allows you to be first on the scene.  In a similar vein, a friend in Kapunda who is a property valuer and auctioneer and goes to the odd farm to organise clearing sales has made some nice discoveries and his collection includes a one owner '56 Chev that the recently widowed farmer's wife had no use for.
Stacey's smart blue trailer was engaged and with a bit of a hose off the car doesn't look too bad.
Here it is safely in its new home.
It may not take long to see it out on the road, helped along by the fact that Rod had kept up the registration for all of these years.
This prompts me to ask - whatever happened to the John Arcus Mk.7 convertible?
Arguably one of the first 7s (if not THE first) to get the chop.
I reckon the real pioneer of the convertible conversion was the late Ross with his V8 Mk.5.
I wish I had a better photo. I never did track down that car, although I believe Dave Bruce saved it from going to the tip.


Anonymous said...

this is the john arcus car john.

John L said...

Well there you go.

John L said...

From Barry.....
Kim and Anne's new purchase, the ex Rod White MK7 is also the ex John Arcus car. The windscreen surround roll bar and a Celica gearbox were fitted by me just after Rod purchased the car many years ago. His V8 coupe with the sign writing went to Nes Pesoski ( not sure of spelling) and is now MIA. thanks for including the photo of the car as John Arcus had it. I was trying to explain the ugly roll bar to Kim today. We spent a little time on it trying to coax it back to life but all these years have not been kind to the Webbers and they will have to be stripped down. We did get some noise out of it but it was not happy. Barry Currie