Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Master cylinder

Can anyone help Vic Meyer with some advice on his Mark 7 PBR master cylinder - e.g. Does anybody recognise it?

"I have a problem with my brake master cylinder. I need a new seal kit, but I cannot work out what it is off. It is off my MK7 (with nagari doors). I have searched and searched and have come up with nothing. Yourself or one of your bolly blog followers would probably know straight away!!!! It is made in Australia by PBR, that's all I know....
Hope you can help,


John L said...

From Barry Currie

Looks like an xb falcon. There were two bore sizes available , one for the normal boosted system and one for an unboosted system. It may have been the 6 cyl 2 door I think. I am probably wrong as I tend to forget most things these days but it might be a starting point for Vic.

Graeme said...

Didn't from XW onwards have a one piece reservoir? Other than the caps, Vic's set up looks the same as B8/1 (XT GT) and some other Nagaris I've seen.

Also www.pbr.com.au has a tech assistance phone and email contact. Could be worth a try.

Anonymous said...

It will be an XT with front disc brakes,it certainly looks identical to the one on my Nagari(B8/106)

John L said...

...and from Keith.

"Hi John,
The master cylinder in the Mk.7 looks like a PBR, 1. 1/4” XT Falcon unit, for front and rear drum brakes. Numbers on side should read 01D12 and on the front D5L8. I think the part # was ARC 8DA 2140 B.
It will require a heavy duty brake booster to work with front disc brakes; eg. PBR VH40, not the smaller VH44.
Keith Connor."

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much guys, it definitely appears to be XT with disc brakes. I will now be able to repair, thanks again...Vic

Kevin said...

Same as XR and XT GT falcon
Kevin Cociani