Saturday, September 29, 2018

Nagari Cleveland style original headers.

is anyone in need of a replacement set of extractors like the "original style"? I am aware 
of a couple of people that want sets. If there is interest there may be options to make a 
small run and hopefully get the costs down. If so please confirm what cylinder heads 
are being used and let me know without delay.
Attachments area
Attachments area
Original headers would very well be more than 45 years old now.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Steve's Lasos for Sale

Hi Guys,
I'm offering for sale Lasos number 7 - the last of seven bodies made between 1958 and 1960. Originally built with Singer running gear and in the mid 1970's rebuilt with a space frame chassis and Mark 1 Cortina running gear. The car has SA rego history and would make a terrific simple, cheap, easy street 
car and GEAR track day car. Looking for offers around $8K.

Give Steve a ring on 08-85537338

Thursday, September 27, 2018

How many Geviva Mk.4s were produced?

I know of these 3.
The V8 powered one, still in Tasmania.

And the two Alfa powered ones.
This one in country Victoria.
And this one that recently moved to Albury and now has the customary stripe through the centre like the others.

Were there any more?

As you can see they differ from the original by being more slab-sided rather than the sills curving under the body.

STOP PRESS! I've just been told by a reliable source that the silver and green one is an original Mk.4.

I'm not convinced.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Later that afternoon.

After searching Swan Reach for a bank with a ready-teller....... no avail, we headed off to The Bend where the Porsche Club were having a day out. The road from Swan Reach to Murray Bridge is beautiful and follows the river part of the way. It's good for 200 kph (don't ask how I know that) and there wasn't another car on it.
It was raining over there and cold and windy not like Swan Reach where it was just cold. They say it never rains in Swan Reach, a bit like Southern California.

Here's a few cars on the dummy grid waiting to go out.
This weather was awful (what a day to be a flaggie) so we retired to the bar.
And not a bad bar at that and drink prices weren't all that bad. Here's some of the stuff scattered around the place...........
Surprised to see this in one piece, Joss was as reckless as his son.
So we were cosy and they weren't.

Monday, September 24, 2018


Just how good are these Trump Trikes!
A new model and a lap record straight out of the box!

Had to share.

 88 year old Frank Manley and his trusty old FE Holden,,,raced this car at Longford in the early 60s,,still going in 2018,.,

Jason's Mk.7

Looking cosy in its new home.
Now let the re-birthing begin.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

At last, an advantage in having a bog standard Austin 7.

You can cart it around on a 6 X 4 trailer.

Swan Reach.

Last weekend we cruised with the NARCs (Kapunda chapter) to Swan Reach where, among other things, we had lunch at John George's recently established motor museum in the old Swan Reach Garage. Quite an eclectic collection really of vehicles that tickle John's fancy.
The Datsun 2000 which put the old MGB to shame when they came out.
That's Clem's old Railton. Clem's passion was Hudsons and the Railton had a side valve Hudson in it.
This is a 280Z which John's son brought over from USA,(note the big bumpers and LHD) to rally. I think John thought it was too good for that and there are still enough Datsun 1600s around for classic rallies. We didn't have 280Zs here (continuing with the 260s until the ZX came out) but most 240Z rally cars seem to have 280 motors these days anyway.
A big long straight 8 cyl. Hudson.
A fully restored MGA 1500.
A couple of old Mercs.
and a Corvette in top condition.

Our Bolly mob are going there next month. Should be good.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Hard to believe they're 15 years old.

Another Clemente comes on the market.
Ben Finnis, down at Strath has this red one for sale for slightly under $25K.