Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little red motor.

Going into a Torana.
Should help it along a bit.
Here's another one.
Must be a craze.


Anonymous said...

StatNon 40You look at this stuff and appreciate how far ahead of his time Eldred Norman was with a 130mph EJ all those years ago. or Peter N with his turbo Ford 4 in the glass fronted Spitfire or the person who shall remain nameless in his turbo red six Mk7 again 30 years ago. Anononomous :)

Anonymous said...

Sh** or F**k. I tries and I tries to prove I is not a robot and after many tries all I prove is ah iz a dingbat. Thank G*D I iz an old guy or I would have no excuse.

Todd said...

This is cool!