Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Current status of the SIVRS submission

The first stage of the sign off for SIVRS took place Monday 13th February by the cabinet subcommittee.  If any political or “how does it work” questions were to be asked this was the forum to do that.  There were a couple of minor questions that were easily answered by the DPTI spokesman. There were no changes requested to what DPTI had submitted.

From here on in are further formalities.

There is a still a signature required from one Minister. It then has to go through Parliamentary Council for wording ready for Legislation.

Cabinet will then approve. The Governor will sign off on it. This is the Legislative component.

Once the above takes place there will be a procedural component “the nuts and bolts of procedures” where the SIVRS committee (who are your representatives) will have an opportunity for input into “what and how” it will work.

There will be no changes by 1 March 2012 as previously advised, the HVRS system will continue as before.

We are “on course” and proceeding. We are into the legislative phase and can hopefully look to a positive conclusion.

Gordon Cowley
16 February 2012.

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