Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where have all the Moirs gone?

This is a Moir Renault and that's Len Moir sitting in the prototype in 1959. The beautiful creation sat on a Renault 750 and J&S built almost 30 bodies. In recent times they all seemed to have disappeared off the map except this one which Len's son somehow rediscovered. But what's happened to the rest? J&S produced less Hunter bodies than Moirs but most of the Hunters have been accounted for in one way or another. So surely there must be more than one of these little beauties hiding in a shed somewhere.

This man....
is so anxious to find one, he is prepared to sacrifice his left testicle to the cause.

This man....
is equally keen and offering a kidney.
I'd like to discover one too but I'm not interested in their body parts, nor am I happy to sacrifice any of my own.


degruch said...

Haha! Those two look like responsible motoring enthusiasts if I've ever seen one.

Anonymous said...

Very responsible and valued members of the human race I would say with impeccable dress sense. Now find me one please.mk4 would be on the market. If one is found.

Unknown said...

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