Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Peter G has sent over this photo of the Matt Pintar Mark 7 which he described as the Mk7 bodied SR6. I think the bodywork looks fantastic. I wonder if it's sold.


Anonymous said...

You knew that remark about the Mk7 bodied SR6 was in jest, refering to Tony Shaws assertion that Matt Pintar drove the SR6 at Amaroo Pk.
Do you know much about the racing activities of the Pintar Mk7? he must have owned the car for well over 20 years.

John L said...

Not living in Sydney I don't know a lot about Matt's and the car's activities but it has turned up in AA and RCN from time to time over a long period. I have assumed from that that Matt was a regular at Amaroo, Oran Pk., Eastern Creek etc. This blog has quite a few NSW readers, I know. Some more information on this car would be great because it is one of the significant dedicated racing Bolwells.