Sunday, May 31, 2009

More 6-hour pics

Here's our intrepid runner putting Norm's wristband on. Years ago we had red sashes. The driver raised one arm and the runner just dropped it on. Now they have wristbands. Maybe the sashes used to blow off. The red sashes on a black suit looked a bit like a Kapunda Bombers footy guernsey. The pit wall team from left to right:- Greg Newbold, John Low, Dean Malone, Chris Gascoigne, Rick Wallace.
As above but with Robert Jacobs wearing number 3.
Buddha, an official, and Ken Stratton.
Ken and the all important tyre pressures.
Pete Schmidt must hide when the camera comes around.

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John L said...

Just checked the official results. Roger's team, The Flying Miatas,were 5th, We're in it for the beer Team A came 7th and We're in it for the beer Team B came 9th (not 11th as previously published).