Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nasty Nagari, an interesting stat.

This is a page from the Nasty Nagari article by Rob Luck which was in the Nov.1978- Jan.1979 edition of Sports Car World Quarterly. It is the second of 5 informative pages. Rob didn't have a copy and Chris G scanned his copy and I sent them off last night. From Rob has come:-

Hi John,

Many thanks for forwarding these high-res scans of the story.
Please pass my thanks to Chris also.
I ran a colour copy onto good paper and the result is excellent.

It looks like there is a significant error on p55 regarding power-to-weight.
As described, the car weighed 100kg less than standard at about 763kg for a power output of 410kW or 550bhp.
That should translate to 720bhp per metric tonne
or 734bhp per imperial ton
or 1.86kg/kW

By comparison some 'landmark' figures that put this performance into perspective..

F1: 1.20kg/kW
Porsche LeMans 2008: 2.09kg/kW
Bugatti Veyron: 2.56kg/kW
Pagani Zonda: 3.0kg/kW
Lamborghini SuperLeggera (the race version): 3.40kg/kW
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano: 3.70kg/kW
Porsche Turbo 2008: 4.40kg/kW
MB SL65 AMG: 5.00kg/kW

So even today, the car would still totally demolish every contender in the production sports category, Porsche Cup etc. as well as every 'hero' roadcar including the Veyron which costs $EU4.1 million (Bugatti sells it for EU1.1 but loses EU 3.0 mill on each car).

I recall some copy editor or other scrambled with my figures and it was supposed to be corrected in a later issue. Not sure if this happened.

There are more sub-editor errors through the text such as 'grafted-in' a close-ratio gearbox (p56) and the minor guages are 'definitely only for reading down the chute' (p56) etc. etc.


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John L said...

TB's comment this morning:-
That's an interesting article - if only we could buy a Porsche Turbo for $50,000 today - imagine the cars we would see on the street instead of the crap we have to put up with.
The Nagari was a real weapon - that power to weight beyond comprehension.