Monday, May 11, 2009

Mystery Tool

Pete Schmidt found this little item in his late father's workshop. We've all had a look at it and nobody seems to know what it does. It has "Made in Sweden" stamped along its shaft. It is certainly not automotive and Peter's dad's hobby was leather work. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

it has nothing to do with leatherwork, it is an amature adjusting tool for Seimans Crossbar Telephone exchanges, I used them alot during my time as a Technical Officer at Telstra.
Thanks for putting the Easter photos on Flickr, what's the story of the modified Torana?


John L said...

The Torana is owned by a like minded Holden 6 and Bolwell enthusiast and historic racecar restorer who has contributed to posts on this blog. It's most recent guise was as a very potent sports sedan but when the bodywork was being rubbed down it revealed about 7 different aspects of its former life including the Colin Bond Bathurst XU1 and the Peter Brock Autocross car famously referred to as "The Beast". I'm sure it will provide some excellent material for this blog in the future.

John L said...

I just received an email from someone who can remain anonymous who, when he/she saw the title of this post thought I was going to write an autobiography. I don't think I'm a mystery at all.