Friday, May 8, 2009

The real Mark 2

About 35 years ago, I think it was Campbell gave me this hazy picture of the Mark 2. I mislaid it, but before I did, I loaned it to Beven. I know this because it turned up in Slipstream a while back. After that, Barry Main, Iain McPherson and their friend Patrick gave me some photos of a Mark 2 which was a completely different car. If you go back about 12 months on this blog you'll find that we resolved all that and it turned out to be a Mark 3. There was in fact 2 completely different Mark 3s. Well, I got a copy of the real Mark 2 (above) back from Beven just to put the record straight. Then, Owen Bolwell releases some more family photos in the archives of the Mark 2, so that reinforces that.

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