Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not bad for a 17 year old in 1964

I'm demonstrating my mastery of the understatement.
From Barry Currie has come today:-
Hi John, After looking at your blog and the photos of the MK2 Bolwell I thought you might like to see my modified Austin A30. I made it when I was 17 (1964 and it seems just like yesterday).


Colin said...

That would have been a sexy bit of kit in 1964. Hmmm..I turned 13 in 64. Bought my first car magazine for 2/6. Dad still had the A 40's and fibreglass body. I was absolutely fixated on hot rods and loved channelled Fords.One friend's older brother bought a 105E Anglia, another a bug eye Sprite, and yet another rolled the rear pan on his FX inc AP5 tailights (brand new)and fitted twin carbies and extractors and lowered but this little special A 30 in another league and very reminiscent of Austin 7 specials in my Boys Own Annual from the 50's.

Anonymous said...

Barry must have been very safety conscious in 1964 to have built the roll bar at that height, he'd barely be able to see over the steering wheel nowadays! Anyway excellent work, he must have been all of 12yo at the time !