Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yes, the Dart!

No use posting a photo of Shannons' dark green Dart, it's a National icon I'm told, so everybody's seen it but here's a few others. Firstly, the white one in the Birdwood museum.
And a few others.
But here's something you don't see every day.
A Goggomobil drag car. This was at the Gawler Club's bbq last month.
Looks a bit like the steel body Stan Brown made for Bill Buckle to take his moulds.
Anyway, here's the VW powerplant.
I remember seeing at Collingrove a VW powered Zeta Sports that Albert Ludgate had built. I also remember seeing photos of it in Wheelspin or SCW or both. Not sure where I'd find them now.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I'm wondering if you might help me with a few things, I need a new mirror for the drivers side of the mark 7, but I am not sure if it is an xa or an xy ford mirror. The question is, is there any difference? The other thing is that I am after a new rear left lense which is apparently 67 toyota crown. Do you know where I can get one, or can you post it and ask if anyone has a spare they are prepared to sell?
regards Vic (Mark 7 with nagari doors....)

Colin said...

John, Where do you find all this stuff? I am amazed, simply amazed. I knew there had to be a dart prototype but not that Stan Brown made the body used as the plug for the moulds. BTW. How did Campbell come up with the original shape for the Mk 4A? We know Milano copied the little Ferrari. but the Mk 4 A? fairly sexy shape for 1963 or 64. HMM guy wants some unobtainium - a new 66 Crown rear tail-light lens. Does he want a spare lens or a spare MK7? and all my Mk 7's had so many different door mirrors would it matter what he used- except on his car they are not XYGT mirrors. Suggest normal XA/XB/XC mirrors. Oh well back to the red wine.

Colin said...

John, Do you remember the Goggomobile Coupe developed during the 60's with a supercharged fiat motor or similar. Many magazine articles on it. Plenty fast from memory

John L said...

@Colin. Only vaguely but I'll look it up.
@Vic. Yes, we'll have to do a post and see what happens.

Art C said...

People did some strange things with those tiny cars.
A big Irish gentleman by the name of Bill Carroll used to run a Holden powered Zeta sedan in dirt track racing based out of Woomera.
Bill got in and out by swinging the whole body up!