Sunday, December 12, 2010

WW2 searchlight.

From Peter Marr:-

One of our part time teachers in Mech Eng is a volunteer with Fort Scratchley here in Newcastle. He has been involved with the restoration of a WWII Searchlight and mobile gen set. He invited us to an inspection day yesterday followed by a tour of the Fort Tunnels. Was a good morning.

Bright spark here forgot his camera so had to resort to using the mobile phone camera. Pics came out ok for a phone. I didn’t get any pics of the gen set but its a 5.3 litre sidevalve driving the generator. All mounted on wheels. 80volts 150amps. I didn’t get to see motor as they had to keep the covers closed to get the right airflow through the radiator.
Light is a carbon arc with a range of approx 8 Klm’s. Would make one hell of a driving light. LOL

 And while he had the camera out here's the fort's guns, muzzle loaded and with a six inch bore.

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