Wednesday, December 15, 2010

McArlus Cars - 13

Finished Dash!

And this is how it all looks assembled!
You can see in the rear shots how close the backs of the instruments come to the chassis, making the escutcheons necessary, but even though it was a fair amount of work to make them I think it was still worth it as they look good with the black dials on the black vinyl covering.
You can also see in the rear RHS shot how I had to cut out a small section in the chassis and weld in a short piece of round tube to allow the temperature gauge sender to pass through. It is a real pain to have to modify and weld things into a finished and painted chassis!
The shots from the front show how all of the instruments are laid out, and was taken from about eye level, so everything is nicely laid out, fairly easy to see and reach.
With the body hinged down you can see how the previous made body modifications fit nicely over the dash, and generally tidy the whole thing up.
The steering wheel seems to be positioned well and I think it looks pretty much like a 1960’s race car dash.
I really pleased with how it has all turned out

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