Sunday, December 19, 2010

Which Nagari?

I've had this press photograph for about 40 years I reckon.
I have no recollection of where it came from. It's 10 x 6 and looks very much like photographs I have had for various things from one of the Murdoch papers like The Advertiser or The Age,  The Age most probably. Unless it came from a regional newspaper after an Easter I hadn't been to. Does anybody recognise the car or the lady in the passenger seat?


John L said...

Some observations by Peter G -

Some of the differing (unusual) pieces I noted (as I'm sure you did too) from the photo:
One piece factory wheels (aft B8/40).
Cortina front lights (pre B8/82).
Later bonnet bulge (? could have been retrofitted).
Dual exhausts.
Italian mirror on LHS.
Rectangular lower rear suspension arms (were retrofitted in some cases).
Goodyear wingfoot 70 tyres, I'm not sure what year they were made, but probably not original fitment.
Is there something (a light?) in the 2nd top slot, front guard.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody see where the redgistration label from?


John L said...

I'm absolutely certain it was Victorian.