Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From John Harwood.

SR6 - latest news.

Hi John.
               The Bolwell is finally back on it’s wheels and on a new set of Avons,just need to refit the body and it will be ready to drive at last.Lots of little things repaired plus a couple of bigger items including a rebuild of the gearbox.Can’t wait! Now we have christmas and a few days away with the family so it looks like early 11.I’m toying with the idea of replacing the windsceen with something closer to the original,as you probably know it started lower on the nose and swept around over the doors.You wouldn’t know if any old drawings still exist would you?Anyway all the best to you and yours for christmas and I’ll talk to you soon.

No I don't know of any drawings. Does anybody else? Meanwhile here's a couple of old photos.

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