Friday, December 31, 2010

McArlus Cars - 14

A plea for help. Please read Simon's post and if you can help let us know and I'll pass on his contact details.

I am progressing well with much of the minor, very time consuming assembly.
I’ll detail some of the bits and pieces over the next few days.
But first I may need some help.
Setting up the drive shafts to get the short intermediate shaft made, I spent ages making sure that I had enough travel in the suspension and also for the chain adjustment. On the yellow car I had had trouble in this area before.
To my surprise, and dismay (!), I have just noticed that I have very little bump travel in the rear suspension as the CV joints are bottoming out!
I have done some research on the net today and came across ANF driveshaft in NSW.
In their notes on the KA Laser Driveshaft, they mention that their listed part is “slightly shorter than standard”.
Believe it or not, out of 6, I have one slightly shorter shaft, and I may have used it for the set up!
Does anyone know a driveshaft supplier who can give me a definitive answer, supply the correct driveshaft, or anything else that may help, like mixing shafts with different CV joint ends.
It’s a problem that can be solved, just disappointing that an important part of the design criteria, namely that common standard parts be used where possible has been compromised in a fairly significant way.
For the record:
KA Laser, Mazda 323 driveshaft and it’s the short one of the two.
I measure a “long” one at 614mm, fully compressed, overall length
“Short” one 606mm
Please let me know of any suggestions.

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