Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The things you find!

This Mark 5 can be found on a music mixing forum, posted by someone going by the title, "Brain". What we are able to discover about Brain is that he lives in Asia somewhere and is partial to hot Asian chicks. His dad bought the Mark 5 when Brain was in high school and fixed it up. Then Brain crashed it into the wall at Mt. Panorama while driving in a hill climb event. they fixed the front up and put it on top of a shipping container where it has remained for the last 10 or 12 years. When he was home in Australia last Christmas, 'Dad handed me the keys and said "Happy Christmas!" ' That's about all I know although Graham Nichols tells me that it is in the Canberra area.


Colin said...

Any way to communicate with this chap via email?
there are so many Bollie owners in Asia why not set up an informal group working off your blog.
As a fellow Mk 5 owner and also resident of Asia (I agree with the hot asian chicks comment) may be he is resident not too far from me? What ever happened to the guy who used to race around Hong Kong in his Mk 7?

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin, I have sent him an email, hope he replies!I get the impression he works in Japan a fair bit


John L said...

Tony B lives in Canberra. He's never seen it, but he's now scouring the industrial areas.

Colin said...

Could it be my old Mk 5 which dropped off the radar in that area 30 years ago? Pity it seems to have been stored in the weather without a back window? Shades of your old Mk 5 John which just collapsed with rust. I hope the the search is successful and not as hard as the HK Ikara as I spent several weeks working with HK residents trying to track down the Spandau Ballet Ikara for Graham.

John L said...

You may be right. Your old Mark 5 went to Junea and was never heard of again. It looks like the one. It's got the HD indicators in the same position and the nose kicks up a bit.The telling point would be the space frame your uncle built into it that stopped short of the end of the trans tunnel.

John L said...

"The guy who used to race around Hong Kong" was Len Heyward who returned to Australia, with the Matk 7, on his retirement, some years ago, settling this time in Melbourne I believe.