Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Nagari update 1

Last night the Vics took their monthly meeting to the New Nagari "Skunk Works". Campbell wanted to know people's reactions to the proposed new rear spoiler.
Personally, I reckon it improves the car immeasurably, but you know me and spoilers. I think Panteras look naked without the rear spoiler.
This is the VicRoads rego label. The make is an "Indcon". Don't ask me what that is. Probably stands for Independent Constructor or Individual Construction. I guess it's better than SA where we are all driving around in "Other Makes". And how about in Queensland where every time the computer sees the word "Bolwell" it tells you you are a scooter rider. Recently when I went to register the Mark 4 and quoted its stamped chassis number as B4/54, the woman assisting me told me that it was an impossibility because that chassis number was already on a 4-wheel trailer in another state.

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John L said...

Click on the 3rd photo of the front three quarter. You'll see the new carbon splitter as well.