Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ceramic coated extractors

Remember this car? The headers were wrapped in fibreglass which wasn't really ideal to say the least. So off they went to Jet Hot Coatings in Castlemaine for the ceramic treatment. They coat them inside and out. We've been waiting for a while for them to come back but it turned out that when they tested them they found rust so around the corner they went for repairs. Anyway, they're back and don't they look great in their "Ford Blue".
You might also notice the plug wire resting on them which hasn't damaged it at all although something will be done about that anyway.
Castlemaine is a great place for just about any specialist automotive application and Jethot Coatings are no exception. Same with Castle Auto Electrics who did the repair work on the pipes. They also make headers.
While I had the camera out I couldn't resist a shot of the BBS wheel. I reckon they're great. The back one on the other side goes down after a while, so that will have to be sent to Melbourne to be sealed, there being only one place in Australia that will repair these wheels. The car came with six wheels, 2 each of three different sizes. The two not being used are the smallest. They can go on the front and the fronts to the rear. A clever way of changing ratios.

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