Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A snippet from the UK.

This appeared in the Dec.,2009 edition of Sports and Classic magazine.


John L said...

John Marr, the owner of the Nagari in the photograph, B8/98, would love to purchase a copy of the magazine. Anyone got an idea where he should go?

John L said...

Just been down the street to the newsagents. Classic and Sports Cars is on the shelves. Only trouble is our little country town is still on the November issue.

Anonymous said...

The issue I got it from was an Airmail copy (costs extra - avail some newsagencies), the normal delivery of the Dec issue may be in Jan-Feb 2010, the cover has a photo of a blue TVR Griffith, with the headline "TVR'S Greatest: Cobra Power at MG Prices", sounds familiar, doesn't it!