Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Nagari update 2

The subframes seem very well built and I've heard the uprights described as a work of art.
Two new cars are being built, one Ferrari red and the other yellow.

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Colin said...

Just been cruising the Factory Five website ( I love the GTM) and comparing them with Bolwell. They have been going since 1995 to now a similar time that, Bolwell were in mainstream production and FFR have produced 7,000 + kits ( no turn key cars) Bolwell 700 plus cars including 100 plus turn key cars. USA population 300 million and Australia 20 million so with 15 times the population FFR have managed to produce 10 times the cars only as kits. Guess the boys from Melbourne did good. Possibly my comparisons are bit basic but who cares.